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Imperfection Jun 2016
Lies and lies are all I hear,
Truth is the only thing I ask for,
Doesn't matter if you stay or just walk away,
I can't take the lies another day.

Everyone has a different idea of love,
Some want to smile,
I just want you by my side,
Even if it means that I cry all my life.

But lies are something I just can't take,
You may leave me if that's what it takes,
I know I can't stop loving you,
But more than that I need to like you too.
Women like me do not fall gracefully,
we stumble over our spines, trip over
our vowels, and collapse into your arms.

Our hearts are open books,
Russian novels containing fifty pages
on the way your voice drifts across
the telephone wires each night.
Our hearts are first drafts,
unedited verses about each and every
person we have ever loved: the stranger
on the subway, the girl who gave us a balloon,
the boy who stole our virginity
but not our heart.

Women like me will love you from a distance
of a thousand syllables while laying in your bed,
we will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible,
and when we leave you will finally understand
why storms are named after people.

- Katrina M.K
Imperfection Jun 2016
You are like the air I breathe, there is no life without you..
Miles away from me, you are my anchor..
You are the fragrance and colour in the flowers..
You are my only reason for the world to exist..
You make me happy, you make me cry..
You are the heartbeat that keeps me alive..
You are the person, I wake up thinking about everyday and the one, I sleep to dream about..
You are my lifeline.. You are time for me...

That's how much I love you... I can die for you!
Imperfection May 2016
It's not just love any more,
It is like a shadow which comes to life in the dark, I just can't get away from it.
You are with me even when I don't want to think about you.
I am never alone. I love it as much as I hate it.
You complete me in the best way and yet I feel like I can't breathe
Why is loving you so difficult and natural at the same time.
I am lost.. There is more you in me than I am..
Imperfection May 2016
Every single touch, I remember,
I remember your breath on my neck,
I remember your fingers on my arms,
I remember the way you looked at me, like I was magic
I remember your smiles and your tears,
I remember the hugs that we shared..
I remember the beauty in silence, how we could sit and not talk for hours,
I remember how complete I felt with you by my side,
I remember how you longed for me,
I remember it all just the way it happened,
I have kept each and every moment safe...

But times changed and so did you,
And all I do is remember every bit of you...
Imperfection May 2016
Remember the days when all we did was look into each others eyes and dream,
Life was simple and all we needed was each other,
Nothing more , nothing less.

And one day the world came to us,
So many distractions, so many people to please,
You lost your way and found a new destination.

All I want any more is to just learn to breathe without you.

— The End —