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Imogen Dec 2013
Stand up,your hands are shaking
Friends watch you Standing alone
But you believe the truth is in the decision your making
You believe rules are not engraved in stone
Things can be changed every once in a while
People question your every move
But Breaking the rule is just in style
Now you have something to prove
No one will back up  your decision
They will try to stop you
But the goal now is in your vision
And there is nothing they can do
Alone you stand, its not a bother
Its time to make a choice
Your voice shaking , your point is clear
Its time that people heard your **Voice
Imogen Oct 2013
Mold me like chocolate
Carve me like stone
Society has stabbed me
Straight through the bone
Told me what to say
Tells me what to do
They are doing this so i should too
Society will try to take over you
I am lost Who am I?
I don't know where to go
Society has has not allowed me to grow
Unique?one of a kind?
Be the same! Its better you will find!
Society has tried to control my mind
Imogen Aug 2013
As I awake in the morning
I look in the mirror
At the reflection
Of me
And I think
Is this who I am
Is this who I want to be
And for a  second
My mind frenzies for an answer
the world around me stops
But just as the answer dawns on me
I turn
Not listening to an answer I am afraid to know
An answer which I crave
One that tears me apart
Will not hear
For as the truth is ready to unfold
I am not ready to behold it

— The End —