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ian jonsan Jun 2013
Have you ever tried,
To remain angry at a child?
With their big blue eyes,
looking innocent but wild?

It's next to impossible.
Their so adorable,
With their innocence
Hating them would be so horrible!

I know this girl,
Shes 15.
To me she's my world.
Shes so innocent.
Shes like a little child.

Can you imagine it?
An adorable ball,
Of hyper bubllieness,
Exploding in giggles
Now and then,
With big blue eyes,
That can hold in,
No lies?
ian jonsan May 2013
do i love her?

her eyes,
as deep as the ocean
as vibrant as the light
a hint of sadness
i just want her to be alright.

do i love her?

her smile,
is covered in braces
that are as blue as her eyes.
i can see right through
her smiling lies.

do i love her?
i do.

she smells perfect like flowers,
i could kiss those perfect lips,
for hours.
her beautiful laugh,
fills the room with joy.
she's perfectly terrible at math,
i get to help her.

do i love her?
i must.
ian jonsan May 2013
i dare you.
i dare you to smile,
i dare you to be happy,
i dare you to eat,
i dare you.

i dare you.
i dare you to love,
to love yourself.
i dare you
to not look at the numbers on the scale.
i dare you.

i dare you to love
to love you
to love friends
to love cake
i dare you,
to love me.

you're perfect to me
and thats all,
that ever matters.

— The End —