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Jan 2014 · 3.4k
False Goddess
Iamshafix Jan 2014
You are just an ordinary girl,
with the red lipstick as your shield,
Breathing in the pleasant wordings,
that society itself spills,
You are nothing but a sham,
Beneath that black mascara,
Locks the origin of your charm,
shows the end of your beautiful era.

Oh False Goddess,
You were once pure,
just an ordinary girl,
so ordinary yet extraordinary,
an idea came before that we should marry,
but look at you now,
I feel so displeased,
a thought came into my mind,
"as long as you are pleased",
Today I  lost a friend,
a woman that i knew,
the relationship is at its end,
but every end begins a new.

Oh False Goddess,
I'm begging you please,
strip away the red and black,
to make me feel at ease,
Don't do this to yourself,
for attention and the fame,
you throw away your dignity,
and burn it down to flames.

Oh False Goddess,
My False Goddess,
You are no longer a Goddess,
nor an ordinary girl,
Just a corpse of false beauty,
that's what you are,
the so called Goddess.
well, this poem is talking about how society wants beauty to look like (i think). i mean, i know you people might say, guys go for looks, but a normal plain face is beautiful. Imagine if you are married, you won't be wearing a mascara or a lipstick 24/7. love someone for the plain normal face that they have. Imagine waking up to a woman that her plain face is enough for you. <3
Sep 2013 · 1.7k
Voices And Virtues
Iamshafix Sep 2013
Am I not Heard?
Wherever I see are fools.
Converse Everyday like toyed tools.
Am I not Heard?
Seeing these artificial priests.
Question is,do they practice what they preach?

I have a voice.
I want to break the stereotype wall.
Breaking the division and stand so tall.
I have a voice.
I will put the world in order.
Correct the mistakes of our past father.
I have a voice.
Whatever I say is genuine.
I promise that I will change this world from within.

I am the future,
The epitome of change,
Every syllable I say is the truth,
that, I must say.

You can laugh at this poem,
At the ideas and the words,
Call me an idealist or a fool,
but contemplate at it first,
When our voices combine, we can amplify.
Change this world with our voice, no one shall defy.
This is our future, our generation.
We are the progress.
Stand back you elders,
Let us handle the rest.
The poem is about a child who wishes to change this world with his voice. The child was sick and tired of this so called 'world' that the older generation created.
P.S: this is my first time, my English isn't exactly perfect, there must grammatical errors somewhere. Sorry. have fun reading.

— The End —