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hudson Sep 29
it’s been some time
that my cheeks have been met
with flowing streams of joy
that pushes the air from my chest
like the moment i first embraced you
to feel the weight of your sadness
now it’s me this time
sitting alone while i write this letter to you
to explain the beauty of your skin
that of which is made from the finest silk
that drifts in the wind like my open curtains
so free and flowing
does your body move
like the sunbeams glistening
through your lace pores
lighting upon the floor
where the dust settles
that we sweep away
with the love of our dancing
forgetting about dismay
upon this hill we stand so tall
but this time divided
we shall not fall
as soon enough our hearts are risen
and we will set in stone
the curiosity of this world
that within us, we’ll make our own
hudson Aug 24
a mind of the moon
your showing face radiant
endlessly pleasurable
but what is that
upon your absent facing side
a side never to be seen by the sun
for i risk myself
to fly to your moon
to walk upon your glowing body
to the side unseen

dark side of the moon
a new stars bloom
an old stars explosion
our bodies corrosion
to stand here to stay
in stars love lays
hudson Aug 23
an old man said to me
you can bury your ghosts
for your past is spent
and your new pockets are empty
and no man can judge a poor mans wealth
for his pockets are made of gold
but dont be greedy to reach down and grab
for your thiefs dissapointment
due this no named man got gold in his hand
spilling from his head
with not a single thread
but his knee to tread
from the muddy water so deep
where the poor fools sink
who stripped the man of his skin
long ago with his kin
say goodbye to these short faces
the skin will stretch to win the races
but not a man nor soul will win the race
if one doesnt bury his ghost
in this soon forgotten place
hudson Aug 19
our faces fall
into the rising of a tall silk wall
so play your tune
in the red burning room
play it young man
the ending of a black moon
is only the beginning
of the children picking flowers
in fields of dreams as tall as towers

soft faces burnt like leather gloves
lungs full of hot white doves
its said the summer of love
so wont you gather around
the coals are burning down
and strangers we are in this town
searching for what few have found
hudson Aug 19
have you ever seen a house burn down?
i have.
a beautiful thing,
a morbid thing.

and im not talking about your neighbor
im speaking of minds
of your self destructive nature
the gas left on
just waiting for a soul to strike a match
a beautiful thing
i've never seen
have you?
hudson Aug 19
chasing morning moon
sets beyond the sky
euphoric fear
my eyes gaze upon
shaking eyes
up above
through the trees
what is this feeling
bringing me to my knees
nor heaven and hell
can feel the same
but what if i said they did
whats to blame?
hudson Aug 19
a forgetful mind is a thoughtful one
though i may have two faces
my body is one
one for you to keep
as temporary thoughts are of the most precious
as temporary moments are of the most touching
abstinence may make the heart grow fonder
just don't over water the soil
as flowers can drown too

my sweet stolen rose
smoke kisses under the summer sun
dont forget she's the one
that pushes the tides across the sea
if one doesn't believe
touch her skin and wont you be set free
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