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Louidjy Francois Feb 2015
She knew not how to begin
Brittle sweat dripping down her skin
Reaching for a gift known as a friend
Blowing sounds through thick and thin

She shared the beauty of the violin
expressing  deep hidden  thoughts within
Exposing her perfection
The beauty from lack of sin

She sat on the edge of the sore
Gently blow upon without the whisper of a word
Without the sound of a mockingbird
Only blurry sounds she wished was unheard

Music gave her a reason to live
A reason to be brave
It is the reason She forgave
The reason she is a slave
The reason she dug her own grave

Her life would finally began
Running fast toward the sun
But it would still be undone
She would never be forgotten
Louidjy Francois Feb 2015
It starts with an E
the letters are three.
It ends with an O
There's a M in the middle

It started my life story
I knew that's who I was
Even when I found myself lost
At least only in my thoughts

Others saw me without it
I felt my heart beat, so fast
I lay under the shades
I never wanted it to last

It is a three letter word
in my heart she sings along with the birds
Whispered so gently
Along with the cold wind gliding in me, slightly taking my breath away.

It had destroyed me
Allowed me to be free
It led me astray without knowing what to say.
Begging me to stay
Wanted my skin to slay

My heart so cold
My words heavily bold
Hiding deep emotions withhold.
A heart was what I sold
You're loved, that I was told.

Years after years I found myself laying here
Without any peers
In the darkness alone
Only With my dear fears

The only friends I ever known
The only ones that I can see
The only ones I could hear
The only ones I could feel

It starts with an E
The letters are three
It ends with an O
There's a M in the middle

Death is a process
life is meaningless
At least That's what I was told
Even though There's a N in the middle
my life is still an unsolved riddle.
Louidjy Francois Jan 2015
I slowly opened my eyes
only to see the dark light.
So bright that I ran out of sight.
Afraid I'll never fight again
Afraid my strenght will never regain

Laying here in the hospital.
Cradle  so big it could be for two.
Thinking about a fight so brutal.  
One more and I'll run out of tooth.

Wishing I could move a budge
Wishing I could speak
Wishing this bed was soft
Wishing I was in the streets.
Wishing I could end my grudge
Wishing I could make end meet.

I will never give up
That's why they called me Louidjy.
I just realized I need a hug.
That is, without shedding tears.

I'm all grown up.
Allowed to have a date
although I still have my baby cup
I'm still here with a smile in my face.

My body still hurt but
This poem is not done yet
Louidjy Francois Jan 2015
Alone in the walk way

  Passing by me day by day

  Feeling far gone is just the right words to say

  Gone far astray

  Savior passing my way

  Jobs don't pay

  Knives can't slay

  Life is grey

  Love's been betrayed

  Cast away, break away

  Life's running away

  Cast away, break away

  Life's passing my way

  It's gonna be okay

  As long as we obey

  There's a time to play

  A time that they

  And a time to pray

  There's Three words to say

  That will never go away

  Excuse her delay

  As she watches hearts play

  Far away, far away

  She subsist today

  Far away, far away

  Life's passing my way

— The End —