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NK Jun 2021
love unapologetically. even if you love alone, love like it's the last time you will; for those who restrain themselves in fear of rejection and hurt are forever prisoners to the ego and captives of the mind.
NK May 2021
the universe inside of me
the infinity of the seas and the freedom of the wind
the things that once destroyed me
but that I now find magnificent
beautiful but unforgiving
I sing to my stars and dance on my moons
the sun still galaxies away
I breathe its fire and exhale flames
NK Mar 2021
I was the amazon
that fell to the whispers of the sun.
The sweet nothings and empty promises.
Fooled by its warmth,
that later burned.
Its’ rays my shackles.
Caressed by the sun,
turned to a dessert;
longing for a shower that was never to come.

— The End —