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Hollow Haze Nov 2014
If there is anything I hate more than,
Hypocrisy, idiocy,
Is being constricted and prevented,
from telling you how I feel about you.

When I see your face,
The only thing I want is to kiss you,
I want you to run your fingers through my hair,
I want you to stop and smile.

I wish for nothing more in this world,
and I would die for this to happen,
Because I would rather die whilst kissing you,
than living a life that doesn't consist of your lips touching mine.
All I want is for you know that I freaking love you. I want to kiss you and nothing else.
Hollow Haze Nov 2014
I'm smiling as I'm writing this,
because of the image I have in my mind,
you probably can't picture it,
so let me paint it for you in words.

The cold bitter morning wakes you,
the lack of energy ***** you in to the warm cosy bed you slept in,
you're brain isn't fully responding yet,
you just woke up.

You pass the first barrier,
with excruciating amount of energy,
you wobble, you breathe,
you got up, but you're late.

You get on the bus, you made it,
now you have twenty, thirty challenges ahead of you,
but you tackle them one by one,
you're unstoppable.

You get home, you're tired,
Now this part is imaginary but beautiful,
You sit down on the sofa you always sit on,
This time I'm here, I'm here for you, and I never want to leave.
Hollow Haze Nov 2014
You say I have talent,
You say you want more,
I want to be one to feed your addiction,
The burning desire for more.

That's a weird addiction to have,
to crave lustful words,
but that's what I like about you,
It makes me wonder.

What should I say now?
Which words should I put together?
I want her to feel sensational,
pleasured and ecstatic.
I have a need to write, you seem to have the need to read. You satisfy me.
Hollow Haze Nov 2014
You say you're ugly,
not perfect and constantly insecure,
I always tell you that you look amazing,
maybe our words are too cliché.

Maybe we heard those words too many times,
and we forgot what they mean.
But it's ok, don't worry,
I don't need words when I'm around you.

You take my breath away with your beauty,
You blow my mind when you speak,
You make burn with hot, red, love
when you run your tongue around your lips.

You're my dream,
That's why I want to be with you,
I want to tell you that every day,
when I wake up next you every morning.

You're perfect to me.
I want to be the one you wake up to, I want our bare bodies to touch, you are my dream, you are my happiness.
Hollow Haze Nov 2014
I want you,
and that makes me crazy,
but everywhere I look,
I picture us but it's hazy.

It's hazy and misty,
because you're feeling are unclear,
and all I want to know,
is if you want to be me my dear.

I'm afraid to talk to you about this,
because we happened before,
but I want to us to happen again,
because you're the best and therefore,

I'm writing this to show my feelings,
My true passion and love for you,
even though it's hard to put in to words,
I wish there was a way that I knew.
I want you, but I can't tell you. Don't ever leave me.
Hollow Haze Nov 2014
Is there a point in rhyming?
I think it's more about the timing,
And more about what I say,
I want to stop seeing in grey.

Come and help me see colours,
Come we can be like lovers,
Although we don't have to make love,
I know you hate the image you get above.

I want you to come and help me,
Feel the happiness, the laughter and to the degree,
where I forget everything exists,
and I can kiss you everywhere, even on the wrists.
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