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hiba sajid Aug 2017
As I look out through my window seat,
I can see vast tiny blocks and green
Bushes through the white cotton candies,
As I’m rising higher…I can see them faintly.
They are slowly fading away.
Now all I can see is a huge land of
White cotton candies amongst the vast blue kingdom
I can see them move past me,
It’s purely pleasant and picturesque.
I can see them move past me,
calm and peacefully.
I can see them below me ,
I can see them above me,
I can see them from miles apart too.

Each one has got a unique form,
Some are quite..,
Some are rushing along it’s infinite boundary.
Even though it’s beside me ,
I cannot sense it with my bare hands.
I wish I could feel them  with my fingers,
I wish I could jump into one of them,
And travel across it’s ocean of serene beauty.
Could it be icy like snow ?
Or steamy like gases ?
Will it lead me to a castle undiscovered?
Or maybe heavens above?
hiba sajid Oct 2016
She is an immortal queen ,
held in captive.
She sleeps ,
in places where she is overthrown.
She lives under the  shadow
of her enemy.
But mistake not her idleness for weakness,
'cause she is indulged in  her master plan .
Ready to reveal the misdeeds
of her enemy  in the light,
Verily, she is determined to be heard.
And she wont surrender ,
no matter how long it takes.
hiba sajid Sep 2016
His name was eby,
he was like her teddy.

Far away was he gone ,
and made her feel so lone.

To be back together she wished ,
his kisses which she missed.

Thinking of the happy times she lost ,
remembering it was pain that caused.

Sleepy was his eyes ,
yet she found them nice.

For hours they talked ,
together they walked .

So beautiful their life had been ,
with nightmares not forseen .

He was an elixer to her,
meeting him was an err.

Then she was all broken,
with nightmares she was woken.

was as if she was stabbed into the heart without a miss ,
thinking what she had done to deserve this .

She felt all crushed,
with her tears all  rushed .

Forgetting was more pain,
so wiping her tears in the rain .

Brightly then the sun shined,
chucking away her thoughts in mind.

Moved on like a boss,
'cause an *** she was .
hiba sajid Feb 2016
Everyday I get garbed,
in different colors nd patterns
My mother, a renowned artist ,
sketches my long and stretched body,
smudging the colors in various blends.
To various complexions I get transformed
On her mood everything depends .
Sometimes into a serene blue shade,
Or into shades too appealing to express.
Attimes im ravishingly groomed with a golden pendant,
Or to even darker shade with  bright glitters ,
That shimmer along the lustrous pearl at the centre ,
For the long night that awaits me.
hiba sajid Feb 2016
There stood the wallflower,
Against the wall like a cover
From there she watched,
As all others danced
Though she wasn’t evil,
Yet seen this way by the happy devils
Who danced with  ecstasy
She watched them with jealousy
she had never been praised
And loneliness was all she faced
Wishes to be treated like a fairytale queen
But can be her only dream
Ignorant she felt
Silently she dealt
Was it a mistake she was born?
Why did they treat her with scorn?

— The End —