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hiba sajid Jun 2021
Love who you want to love,
And  if there are others who cannot comprehend your love,
they are weak themselves and need love in their life .
Because love is the strongest force in the world,
and love is the only thing that makes sense without making any sense,
this world needs more of love,
love above all,
love beyond all.
Because Love is love.
Love without borders, love is love. Happy pride month
hiba sajid Oct 2020
Random words coupled together
like a jigsaw puzzle
until they seem to fit perfectly
and ultimately create a visual perception of your thoughts.
hiba sajid Oct 2020
Can't see you now and that's all right.
I'll see you in time.
hiba sajid Oct 2020
The sky looks cheerful, maybe it had a good day.
I began to have a good day too
as she enraptured me with her presence,

Across the horizon she flaunted her charm.
Captivating is her beauty,
even across the magnificent sea.

The sea commands his waves to dance in a rhythm so divine
as if to express his sincere gratitude
for the lovely colors bestowed upon him.

And the birds soar high and wide across the sky in tranquil
as if to please her majesty for the radiant show.
I smile back at her to thank her for this day,
A day that felt like a tangible summer romance.
hiba sajid Sep 2020
my words
float around
in my head,
waiting for its turn
to play along the melancholy of my thoughts
like the keys of a piano.
Penning down thoughts, raw.
hiba sajid Jul 2020
Stone cold monsters
burn with fumes of anger,
stomping down the life of all
who rise above them.
Humanity is fading away
in a chaotic rhythm
21st century pandemonium All i hear everyday is violence and disorder. Feels very inhuman. makes me sick
hiba sajid Jun 2020
Is happiness a mere delusion?
A brief distraction
of pleasant emotions,
to escape from the bleak realities of life?

Are memories a mere illusion?
An allusion
to reminisce about the happy past
& escape from the bitter realities of life?
What is happiness? why do you want to be happy? why does your happiness make someone else sad or envious.? Love above all, kindness beyond all
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