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hazel marie Feb 5
Why do we cry?
I say to you
You say to I
Stretch, my darlings!
loosen the disturbance
Move, my darlings!
let go of the teachers
Roll your neck of the worries
lengthen your arms to chaos
open your neck up to love
Only when you stretch
the sass in their voice dissipates
the aching in your side relents
the sights that you see are brighter
You feel okay
hazel marie Nov 2018
a vermillion car in a heavy snowstorm,
driving on a winding road
surrounded by pine trees
and swirling flecks of frozen tears
you never call me when you see me
headlights flashing like alarms
after I see you
my day seems to fall apar
hazel marie Nov 2018
on my bed
falls come to an end
very upset
about something that has not been said
I listen to their worries
the person I’ve wanted to be
it wouldn’t hurt
if the snow would part
to make a path as vast as the sea
and deliver someone
who would listen to me

— The End —