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Hayley Neininger Dec 2015
I think if you would let me
I’d treat you like the night sky
I’d bundle up all of your wonderful traits and perfect flaws
And I’d create a constellation for them
I’d look at it with my telescope endlessly
And I know you don’t see yourself
The way I see you
And you still sometimes argue with me when I call you wonderful
But know that all of the things that you can’t stand about yourself
Are the very things I never want to go a day without
But if that didn’t work
Just know that if you let me I’d build you an observatory
Made of one hundreds mirrors
Each facing your direction
Just so you could see yourself up close in a million ways
I’d make you sit in front of them  for hours
Just so I could prove it to you-
That all of the other constellations
Every single one in the night sky
Will never have stars that shine
As bright as you do.
Hayley Neininger Oct 2015
Sorry and love are two words you’ve worn out for me
I will never truly believe either again
And that has to be the worst thing you’ve done to me
I broke my own heart loving you
You killed what was left of the good in me
And if I had the chance to hurt you the same
I’d want to, so bad
But I wouldn’t.
It hurts but it’s okay, I’m used to it.
Hayley Neininger Oct 2015
And so it happened the
Brisk slip into intimacy
Into the non-peaceful intrusion
Of our souls
And surely it should have  
We made each other question or choices
Skew our realities
Change our day to day lives
And mark a before and after in our timelines
You aren’t Che Guevara
You aren’t Pancho Villa  
You’re a normal person
Who managed to revolutionize my life.
Hayley Neininger Oct 2015
I am now a diamond
Who misses her mountainous mine
Back when she was coal
Back when she was coated in soot
Back when she loved a miner
Who only loved her potential
Who ushered into caves yellow birds to find her
Who used a light fashioned on a hat just to see her
Who pick axed away at her bed
Until he held her in his hands
As softly as would a flower
Who died to make her
Her ash underneath his fingertips
Her worth a blinding sparkle in his eye
She thought he would use her for heat
That she could power his body
And warm his soul
So she let him set fire to her
She let him press into her so tight
She mistook it for closeness
And the stress
The heat
The fire of it all
It make her crack her dark amber
Striped her of her soot coat
Leaving her naked and clear
A diamond
Now a spectacle of her mistrust
On display for the world to see
Placed on the finger of another woman
That the miner actually loved.
Hayley Neininger Oct 2015
I think you should love a girl that writes
Live her many different imagined lives
In her vast collections of created worlds
Find her somewhere buried beneath them all
And when you find her pressed between
Scribbled pages and coffee cups filled with pens
Kiss her ink black fingers
Let them stain your lips so when she looks at you
She won’t forget
You’re the hero her books are about.
Hayley Neininger Sep 2015
I fell for you
Because you aren’t perfect
Because you smell like sweat and sawdust
Because an hour with you
Is a guaranteed five laughs
And ten thinks twice-s
Because I didn’t plan on loving you
In fact I fought it like you did
Like a wild beast
With an anger like from being taken from its home land
With its hungry empty belly growls
With demands of its obedience from whips
With the ferocity of a caged lion
But also with the innocent of a boy
Looking at that lion from behind the zoos gate
Because so much of me
Wants to be gentle with you
Just wants to hold your hand
Tell you goodnight
Pour you a cup of coffee in the morning
Tie your tie for you
At best
And terrifyingly at worst
Because in the middle of the night
I feel like more of a lion than a child
And I want to tear into you
With claws and fangs
Rip you to shreds
Because that’s the only way a lion knows
How to say
You are the finest, most exceptional, rarest person
I have ever met
And really even that is a childish understatement.
Hayley Neininger Sep 2015
I fell for you
I felt you without you using your hands to touch me
And in the beginning you never touched me
That’s how I knew because I didn’t touch you either
A touch would tell too much
And isn’t it strange how we used to be strangers
And suddenly we were anything but lone rangers
Wondering this plane alone
We had each other at a distance
Far enough for a passing glance
But strong enough for that glance to move glaciers
Without your hands touching me
I felt home shift its meaning from a place to a person
And without you I feel home sick
I fell for you
And you warned me about it
With every half hug or taken back stare
But even if I can’t even be a welcome mat for you
Know I will always choose to live in you
I’ll choose you.
Every time
Over and over again
Without pause
Without so much as a heartbeat in between my answer.
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