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Nat Jan 2021
Scratching your grey & your greyer
Colours I see under the layer
Monochrome spin
My dear Berlin
Your palette now sleeps
In a crisp techno prayer!
Nat Nov 2020
You’ll become a poet of habit
A Monday’s offer in the supermarket
Your words will sell themselves
To feed the overfed
You don’t like the idea
You’re consumed by it.
Nat Nov 2020
My selves I will invite to an open air party
Only them, we are quite a crowd already
A handful of confetti
in free-style choreography
Drink to Alice and the times she’s changed since morning
Drink to the prolific mosaic of individuality
Nat Nov 2020
When I cry I smile to life
Energy injected my projected sorrows
I am the one who cries words and my pen I shall
Into a torch transform
Steal the fire from the Gods
and bathe my mischief in red waters

But when my smile vanishes
And my colours are by the unforgiving black cunningly abducted
Then my soul I shall kiss goodnight
And with the icy knife of sedation
In the quiet night ****** it
Do not forget!
I am the one who writes
The one who shadows unwrites
and exorcises fears
Heavens now I cry!
Let it rain...
Nat Nov 2020
Last time I dined with the sea she was calm and ******
Stretching the sun’s purple cloak on her as if she were an artist
Indolent and cold in her cheap, scruffy room
There where the wine flows medicinally
and 1+1=1
My love, in your hair I’ll weave my map and the sun I’ll leave on your bedside table
The sea I’ll pour in my bottle for when I get thirsty on the road..
Time to go now…My Ithaca is waiting!

— The End —