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this world seems to collapse,
running wild is the weather,
destruction, death and gregarious pest.
people say find hope and have faith,
but isnt the hope lost in doom to begin with?
how can there be happiness in such a downfall,
but do you think ending yourself is the right call?
asked many questions, i know you want answers too.
clinging to the mere faith left in humanity,
doing our work, staying in touch,
i say we wait for the ultimate sunshine, final bright light,
we live to fight another day, another night.
sanchit mehta Jun 21
what it means to be 18?
is it going to be something, never experienced ,
never seen?
there will be voting rights, yes ofcourse,
but there will be intimate interaction with this
bitter world also.
i dont know whether to be scared or excited?
in this progressive new world, surely
independence can be tiring!
i m going to do what i think, is right,
trusting my judgement, following the light,
  but for now, on this occasion i am just happily delight.
sanchit mehta Jun 19
you love him, he loves you,
is it really something you can just rely upon?
the distances that have separated you,
what do you know maybe he is just any other con?
relationship is beautiful,
but that doesnt mean its always successful,
no proper time, no proper stance,
its a false reality, every other long distance.
come out of fantasy, grow up on reality,
you never saw, never touched, neither shared feelings
how could  you even say then, long distance relationship
is really working?
moral of the story, dont get yourself in this tomfoolery,
find someone next to you, whom you can rely upon while crying, who will be with you even when you stink or shine.
sanchit mehta Jun 17
nothing left about happy times,
but i still try to find some shining lines.
nothing but dust, dirt, war, disease,
what good  is left to write in a poem,
i cant find anything, so frustrating, but true,
i know you feel this too, so lets just breathe.
lets just forget this year, this poems tell me so,
think about the bright sunshine mankind lived in,
and prepare for the days of joy that are yet to go.
all alone we are, but still so close,
this poem will stay in your heart,
telling you to close your eyes,
and reminding you of your beautiful memories,
i think in this time this much is suffice.
sanchit mehta Jun 13
Who creates us,
is it pure science or something,
that is far more than our reach or minds?
All this curiousity, all these questions,
they fade away, when a parent sees his infant,
taking the first breath, all the emotions are just locked away.
Such a beautiful creature human is,
such a beautiful life he is about to live,
born with no jealously, no pity,
all he has to offer is a beautiful cry,
opening his body for the oxygen of the new world,
the new world that has now become pretty deadly,
but all we can hope is that the boy,
finds his way on the earth,
never envies, zero foes, a happy circle,
is where we all wish he goes.
just a something to think on!
who is god? is he the force that resides in the stone of dorm?
is he someone who wants people to fight against each other
to defend its one but so many forms?
never has someone seen, nor someone heard,
still why do some people claim to have his accord?
yes you say that there is god, then why there is hunger,
poverty, death and frost?
i do believe in something but never those people,
i believe in something that is far more deeper.
maybe its not someone, the vedas are just a projection of an ideal person,
its something that resides within you, helping you to help others, and teaching you all are brothers.
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they **** them,
they sell them,
what would happen to their children,
seldom they dont think that.
she was pregnant,
those predators didn't care for that,
they just were beggars of money,
so they committed this evil felony.
creature will get justice,
like any other human would,
our system is not just for humans,
its blind denotes the same,
one should know,
hanging the skin on walls,
or wearing the leather,
will never get you fame.
may the pregnant elephant mother get justice in india,
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