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sanchit mehta Jul 2020
As she laid on the bed,
her eyes were moments to close,
i said to her, you have always been with me,
please dont go.
she barely managed to speak,
just touched her hand with mine,
i had my voice but no words came out,
and then i started crying loud.
she gave me a smile,
as i kissed on her forehead,
the flatline beeped, my world came to an end.
i promised her soul that moment which was now set free,
i will find you in every rainbow, every sunrise i see.
sanchit mehta Jul 2020
this thing that we want to multiply,
this thing that we consider our ally,
it the soul reason for happiness,
but have you considered why?
there are lot of luxuries to be bought,
but someone will be there, more richer,
do you really want to fight this garbage war?
then why is money soul reason for happiness,
well thats because our smile lies,
in the joy of the poorer, their wellness.
many dont know , but i think you should,
you are flooded by grace of god,
not to use it all,
but to distribute it to good cause.
sanchit mehta Jul 2020
What we watch is instilled in us,
What we see everyday, the shows the series,
They start to define us,
Its not something that you will feel in practical life,
As watching a heist, i know you wouldn't rob a bank, Oh Christ!
But a seed deep down with a message gets sowed, your actions get altered,
In comparison to what you see,
Your perception about life, your thinking about lifestyle, it seems to be bore.
But believe me when this poems tells you,
Keep a limit to violence you see,
Keep a limit to the seasons you complete,
All you see, all you hear, every take is scripted, true events shown definitely do have something fake listed.
So see what reality is, dont go too deep
In this invisible hole, beware,
Because there might be a day, where your sub concious will have to choose,
To **** or to spare.
sanchit mehta Jul 2020
is satisfaction, the ultimate relaxation?
we work everyday, at the end of way, we sleep,
we think its the time to push back relax but is it?
do you think we are really freed?
do you really think a time will come,
when there will be no greed,
people will be just happy in what they achieve?
human nature is bound to have curiosity,
but isnt it what everybody says,
satisfaction isnt the goal, it is the journey the way?
so ask yourself right now, are you satisfied , are you relaxed?
because if you are not, the day is not far
where you think waking up a morning,
there is  still lots to achieve, but believe me when i say,
at that point,
the grip reaper will be  just a breath away.
sanchit mehta Jun 2020
this world seems to collapse,
running wild is the weather,
destruction, death and gregarious pest.
people say find hope and have faith,
but isnt the hope lost in doom to begin with?
how can there be happiness in such a downfall,
but do you think ending yourself is the right call?
asked many questions, i know you want answers too.
clinging to the mere faith left in humanity,
doing our work, staying in touch,
i say we wait for the ultimate sunshine, final bright light,
we live to fight another day, another night.
sanchit mehta Jun 2020
what it means to be 18?
is it going to be something, never experienced ,
never seen?
there will be voting rights, yes ofcourse,
but there will be intimate interaction with this
bitter world also.
i dont know whether to be scared or excited?
in this progressive new world, surely
independence can be tiring!
i m going to do what i think, is right,
trusting my judgement, following the light,
  but for now, on this occasion i am just happily delight.
sanchit mehta Jun 2020
you love him, he loves you,
is it really something you can just rely upon?
the distances that have separated you,
what do you know maybe he is just any other con?
relationship is beautiful,
but that doesnt mean its always successful,
no proper time, no proper stance,
its a false reality, every other long distance.
come out of fantasy, grow up on reality,
you never saw, never touched, neither shared feelings
how could  you even say then, long distance relationship
is really working?
moral of the story, dont get yourself in this tomfoolery,
find someone next to you, whom you can rely upon while crying, who will be with you even when you stink or shine.
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