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Dec 2020 · 60
Eris Dec 2020
If you didn't want the truth to come out,
then why lie in the first place
Jul 2020 · 885
Rule #9
Eris Jul 2020
Don't expect someone to love you,
if you don't love yourself..
Jul 2020 · 128
Rule #8
Eris Jul 2020
Life is only hard as you make it to be..
Jun 2020 · 616
Useless Labels
Eris Jun 2020
Instead of plastering my face with labels to understand me
peel them off and actually get to know me.
Labels are stupid
Jun 2020 · 243
A Poem For Angry Lovers
Eris Jun 2020
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Hurt me again
I'll stab you with a spoon
May 2020 · 108
Rule #7
Eris May 2020
The only reason bad people exist is because mankind tolerates it,
The only way they win is if good people do nothing.
May 2020 · 332
Rule #6
Eris May 2020
You have the right to freely
                                    speak your mind about
                                              anything & everything you desire
No one can make you feel undeserving of it
Apr 2020 · 1.3k
Eris Apr 2020
            m     i      n                     o
        .                               d                  u
    r                                             s                  g
u                    n     .       i                     .                 h 
o                   w                           n                  i               .       
.                  o                                       t                 n            h        
w               d               h.      i      n               o               t            e             
o               .                 t                          g            .             o            a              
r               g              o                            n        ­   d               .            r              
h              n              n                           e            e               a             t              
 t              i                .                   s    s             e                 .               b             
.              l                 k                                  p                  s                 r             
  e             l                    r                     .                         p                  e             
  w             a                     a       d                          r                     a              
    .                r                                                  e                      k                
e                   i                                     e                       .             
r                        p         s           .                       a              
u                                                           n                  
  t                                              d                    
   r       o         t        .
Though heartbreak and torture we throw our minds into a
spree spiralling down into deep dark nothingness
Apr 2020 · 326
Rule #5
Eris Apr 2020
You are not..
           accountable for anyone,
           owned by anyone,
           entitled to anyone
Apr 2020 · 101
Eris Apr 2020
You don't be perfect
for yourself
You be perfect
for others
So they never have to
worry about you
See the dark side
of you
Feb 2020 · 124
Rule #4
Eris Feb 2020
Your past does not
                           determine your future...
Jan 2020 · 132
Rule #3
Eris Jan 2020
Its okay to make mistakes
                as long as you learn from them...
Jan 2020 · 300
Rule #2
Eris Jan 2020
You get what you earn and deserve...
Jan 2020 · 1.2k
Rule #1
Eris Jan 2020
Never get fully attached
                          to a n y o n e or a n y t h i n g...
Dec 2019 · 93
Eris Dec 2019
Forever we've been foretold
Since we're teens
So we must be naive
But people don't see
The pure young ones
Unseen amongst their generation

They stand alone
Surrounded by snotty little queens
In their tight-*** jeans
Glued to their phones
Pitifully whine about their first world problems

They walk amongst the swarm
Full of Stereotypes,
stupid Instagram likes
Dumb attitudes and memes
Silly trends and overrated feelings
All subconsciously scream
Where are the people like me!

For we are good children
Forever condemned clean
Respect our teachers
Use our manners
Follows simple rules to make us look better
But that behaviour is not saluted
So we get excluded
And blended into the lockers

For in the playground it is ruled
Popularity and praise is given
To those who act like a drama queen
To cake faced girls
Who put out all the time
Then point at their boyfriends stating his the problem
To the boys with horrendous hairstyles
Who do stupid **** outside of school
Shirts untucked
neckties loosened
Lipstick and miniskirts
Heads crammed with
Anxiety and insecurities

For forever it's been foretold
The crazy thrive
The gracious discarded
Old poem finally finished.
Jun 2019 · 411
Eris Jun 2019
Why do you push me away?**

Because you hurt me
I have been bleeding for a long time
So i put a bandage over it
To stop the mosquitos drinking it
Jun 2019 · 310
A Dream is like a staircase
Eris Jun 2019
A dream
                                                           ­ going
                                                                ­        on
                                                      ­                       and
                                                                ­                    on
                                          ­                                                and
                                                                ­                                  on
                            ­                                                                 ­          until
                                                           ­                                                      you
                                                                ­                                        reach
                   ­                                                                 ­            the
                                                                ­                      very
                                      ­                                         top
                                                                ­  where
            ­                            is
Jun 2019 · 218
Eris Jun 2019
Make a trail upon a single line follow by heart forever on end ~~~~~~
May 2019 · 158
Eris May 2019
I am what you see
I am not what you believe
I'll stay with you as aslong as you breathe
Even when you fall asleep
Apr 2019 · 99
Eris Apr 2019
Waking up at the break of dawn
Blood and Ash replace the floor

Forced to hunt
Forced to survive

Forced to track down kids my age
Vision clouded with blood and gore
Feel it swim in my boats as I search for more
I see the hozion
I search for my friends
But I don't know where they are
I don't know where anyone is
For I am alone in The Hunger Games
Stuck in this witless war
For I fight for my everything friends and family
Only to lose my identity
Replaced with a gun and army uniform

For this is the way of war

Apr 2019 · 607
Eris Apr 2019
What is the point in love~
What is the point in feeling~
When every emotion is temporary
And every thing is consistently shifting

Once we feel it
Then its gone
Back to been all alone

So what is the point
In pursuing in interest
When its gone in a minute
Treasureing in something
That is so easy to replace

I'd rather be permanently out of place

Apr 2019 · 118
Lost Old Friend
Eris Apr 2019
I miss you old friend
Who i thought our friendship
would last till the end

For I was mislead
Believed in someone
who would pretend
to be my best friend

For they would forever condescend
until the bitter end
And there I was left to defriend
my dear old friend

In order to let my mind unbend
From this pressure and torture
I was left to contend

As I reflect on our childhood
And the time we would spend
I would comprehend if the past
was ever genuine or just pretend
Mar 2019 · 184
You Left Me
Eris Mar 2019
Why you leave me
For I was there for you
I believed in you
And put my heart on a sleeve for you
Now I grieve for you
Feb 2019 · 121
The Psyche
Eris Feb 2019
Mind & Soul
Forever a daze
Never clear
Never consits
Never flows

Don't bother
with the subject
Forever confuse u
Lose your mental
Make you ******

Don't annoy Psyche
shes busy with her feud
with Aphrodite
Feb 2019 · 431
Eris Feb 2019
why do                   I love?
when all it ever           did turned
into hurt, pain and       heartbreak
for my soul to         break in half
then I have to   mend to back
I love and it   never returns
for i wear  my heart
on a  sleave
why do i
Jan 2019 · 268
It’ll soon be over
Eris Jan 2019
It's almost over
soon it will be over
The pain will soon be gone
For I am almost done
Dec 2018 · 119
Eris Dec 2018
I'm stuck on an island
Far from home
Drifting away day by day

Surrounded with golden sand
Fair as pixie dust,
that falls from my hand

Left to starve from hunger and thirst
Fed up with fruits and coconuts
Palm trees shade me from the storm above
While I'm stuck on an island by my own action
Dec 2018 · 206
Eris Dec 2018
Have to be perfect
to remain respected
contain role model act
to keep things intact
to the extent
depression sweeps u off your feet

Pressure overwhelming
expectations increasing
connections leaving
Self-esteem decreasing
tears overflowing

Surrounded by strict boundaries
Restricted by bitter rules
Left to feel like a reject

Must maintain vigilance
while brothers & sisters proceed to be ridiculous
Friends act villainous
required to be pure
but everyone else is full of
w i c k e d n e s s

Perfection is an obsession
Creates so much tension
For all the ones given this expectation
Dec 2018 · 369
Real Terror
Eris Dec 2018
Theres nothing more terrifying
Than a mothers anger
Dec 2018 · 211
Eris Dec 2018
There it is
the morning sickness
After last nights wickedness

Liquor still burning in my lungs
the bounding in my head
mixture of drinks in my stomach
until I upchuck it

Foggy memories, flashbacks
guilt of words said
affair of fake love shared
temporary high dread
Dec 2018 · 103
Eris Dec 2018
Youths love the club
Or even the pub
The lighten up dance floor
Swaying to the music they adore
As beat shivers your core
Surrounded by neon decor

Sipping liquor at the bar
*****, tequila a quick little kicker
Open up tinder
Dance like a stripper
Flirting with a stranger
Only in whispers
Act all immature
****** and lure for a wee little tour

Sitting in the booths
To avoid the crowd of swaying fools
Sitting on bar stools
While getting hit on by creepy dudes
Standing in the corner
Trying to get in the mood

What's not to love about the club
Nov 2018 · 124
Ball room
Eris Nov 2018
Crystal chandeliers
Hang high above
Strung to a canvas roof
With gold and bronze
Held by pillars of strong character
Quests gather from the corridor
Each withhold high status

Filled with honour and grace
Dressed in sleek gowns and masque
Unmasked identities
Partake in conversation
And consumption of alcoholic drinks
Dance in pairs and sway to the tune
A night never so musical
A grand ball of mystery awaits
Nov 2018 · 100
Fourth Demon Haunting
Eris Nov 2018
A decision divides my mind
To reconnect with the past
Leave it behind

A ghost of childhood follows me
Missing me
Trying to talk to me

Mind goes auto
In finding a approach
That doesn’t derail
I fail
To understand why
I need to reconnect
With the this devil

Don’t burn your bridges

Mind goes mental
The pain is not worth
Been friends with the devil
Yet the guilt is so difficult to

Should I restart this cycle
Of games and drama
Believe in redemption

Guess my loyalty to the closet
Really is atrocious
Nov 2018 · 206
Eris Nov 2018
The poems read leaves
Voices listened
Faces imagined
Words spoken
A story awoken
From the description visioned

Feelings expressed
Truth released
People discovered
Thoughts recovered
Experiences rencountered
Venting posted
Poets noticed
Nov 2018 · 136
Eris Nov 2018
Am I dead
I've spilled red
Tears I've shed
Things left unsaid
There is a war in my head
Within the city I dread
Now I've bled
Awaiting my deathbed
Nov 2018 · 109
Eris Nov 2018
Mirror shows who I
Reflects what I see

But I dream other complexion
From a different observation
To see a another expression
From various perspectives

So I see what others see
For we believe a different persona
Of yourselves than others know us
Nov 2018 · 586
Red Apple
Eris Nov 2018
Commonly known
A public favourite
Seen in Snow White
Cherry red
Creamy white
A tasty treat
An addictive snack
Defeats your appetite
Nov 2018 · 194
Golden Apple
Eris Nov 2018
Apple of Discord
Created by chaos
White in centre
Such a sweet taste
Placed in history
A hungry temptation
A golden delight
To have in your sight
Nov 2018 · 140
Green Apple
Eris Nov 2018
The sour bitter taste
Sweet after taste
Biting into tough flesh
Teeth chill within first sample
Satisfaction of flavour
Coloured with envy
What a wicked art
Named after Maria Ann Smith
Nov 2018 · 414
Guilty Pleasure
Eris Nov 2018
A guilty pleasure one enjoys
Even though its appalling
Constantly falling
Into a dark cycle
Always resuming
We keep on concluding
Ways to stop your wrongdoings
Failing to be heeded
Feeling unneeded
This constant warring
Is worrying
It unacceptable and regrettable
Why do you keep on doing this
Its apprehendable
Oh yeah
You do this
Because you enjoy this
Savour every moment
Were you get all the attention
From all this regression
The spot light is your addiction
Cry out every tear
For aid of your "depression"
Throw out inventions
For your pity party
Of your own creation
Its uninviting
Admit it
You like it
Causing trouble left and right
Leaving us deciding and
Providing guidance
For your own defiance
Admit your guilty liking
To see your friends dying
Cut by your lies
Infected by your consequences
Damaged by your actions
But you find it delighting
To see your castle crumbling
Life dividing
Embrace envy
Deny irony
Flee reality
You like causing problems
Because of the sympathy
You receive
Just admit it
Your not fooling anyone
Only your self
Cause problems
Never solve them
Such a
~Guilty Pleasure~
Oct 2018 · 391
Reflecting Snow
Eris Oct 2018
Through the white snow
I see a window
Spilt into four
Each showing reflection
Never showing rejection
In any detail
In every section
Within the frame
Of black ebony
You see the envy
In the deadly enemy
Reflective off
The frostbitten ice
From the blizzard snow
As blood red lips blow
Kisses in the snow
Oct 2018 · 303
Eris Oct 2018
Following strife
Bubbling desire
Revengeful ruse
Sneer smirks
Contained rage
Crumbling cities
Unfolded by
Mischievous hands
Oct 2018 · 94
The Good Girl
Eris Oct 2018
Be sweet as treat
Don't speak unless spoken too
Dress elegant like a lady
Don't be lazy
Simile in pictures
Don't be like *******
Achieve every expectation
Maintain reputation

Until you crumble to pieces
Oct 2018 · 103
Eris Oct 2018
Drowning in exceptions
from those who expect

Relayed upon
to be the best
finish every request

Ones who cause trouble

One mistake
One flaw
One weakness

The questions haunt you
You can't behave this way?
Don't be like them?
Why can't you do better?
Funny its not like you
did any better
Oct 2018 · 146
Eris Oct 2018
Different varieties
Different colours
Different flavours

Dark Coca Cola bottled in red
Sunkiss retreat
The sweet raspberry feast
A plain Sprite
Mountain Drew daybew

A sweet treat
A fizzy getaway
The bubbly delight
We indulge
To escape daily life
Sep 2018 · 142
The 4 Demons
Eris Sep 2018
4 Demons
4 Memories
4 Experiences
4 People

We meet in our lives

The First Demon
You wish you never meet
Brags and Bribes
And full of deceit
A cocky attribute
For a precious snowflake
A shameful display if only they noticed
Protective of friends, yet hurts yours
Dishes it out but can't take it back
Hates to lose
Yet hates who they are
Always disagrees but dislikes been disagreed with
Go against their beliefs they're call you a terrorist
The biggest hypocrite you'll ever met

The second demon
Is a sheep
Doesn't fellow the flock
Follows the wolf
To get a meal
Has no spine
Always tells lies
Talks to the shadows behind your back
Follows behind
Lives in pity
To feel pretty
Said sees feeling sad
'My life is so bad'
Cause of work
Cause of friends
Cause of parents
Cause of school
But painted herself blue
No innocent cupcake
Not your friend
Play with your emotions
Until you feel bad

The third demon
Is not easily seen
Plays the victim card
Each and every time
Dependent on everyone
So you feel like a parent
Stresses you out
So your hair turns grey
Known as a heartbreaker, a cheater
Plays hopscotch all day
Starts drama with your friends
Say they don't mean too
A continuous circle they play
Which leaves in you tears every single day

The fourth demon
Is no better than the rest
Picks a fight with anyone
To prove they're the best
Tries to play tough
But really plays shallow
Lives in their own bubble
Can't stay out of trouble
Like a jigsaw puzzle
Never suttle
Forms a hierarchy in every group
And place themselves at the top
Never puts in any effort
You know who they are
They stand above the rest
The people you never want to meet
Sep 2018 · 140
Colours of the rainbow
Eris Sep 2018
Its dynamic and passionate
Love and hate
Blood and courage
Aggressive and romantic
Strife and success
danger, anger and rage
The element of fire
Symbolises luck
Direction of south
Sign of ares
Physically hot and active
And spiritually persevere
Rubies, roses and wine
All seen within
The intense colour
That lies beneath the skin

Its warmth and harvest
Strength and energy
Balance and security
Abundance and stimulating
Enthusiasm, optimism, sociable and fun
An element of fire
A symbol of happiness
Sign of leo
Physically hot and move
Spiritually purity
The fruit, the vegetable
Dawn and dusk
Sunset and sunrise
Its there in the sun
The light in our lives

Its freshness and happiness
Positivity, clarity and energy
Enlightenment and remembrance
Intellect and honour
Loyalty and joy
Cowardice and deceit
Element of air
Represents envy
Sign of Gemini
Physically cool and move
Spiritually wisdom
Yellow colour of jello
Simson fellows
Rare yellow marshmallows
Sparks of volcanoes
The mind stone

Its life and renewal
The colour of nature
Means of growth
Harmony, fertility and environment
Money, ambition and greed
Stands for independence
Element of earth
Direction of north
Sign virgo
Physically balancing
Spiritual compassion
Emotionally reflective
Sea-green, sea-grass
Trees and leaves
Greeds and thieves
Caterpillars and snakes
The Slytherin House

The sky and sea
Depth and stability
Faith, truth and heaven
Represents trust, security and authority
Sadness, depression and loneliness
Soothing and peaceful
The safest colour
Element of water
Direction of west
Sign of Aquarius
Physically healing
Spiritually steadfast
Emotional confidence
Above, below
Depth and surface
Despair and hope
Mind and soul
Its all connected
Within our every bones

Its honour and devotion
Spiritual wisdom
Mysterious and tradition
Integrity and idealistic
Intuition and realization
Psychism and visions
Element is darkness
Planets of Saturn and Neptune
Sign is Capricorn and Pisces
Wild indigo
Blueberries and dark leggings
Teacups and butterflys
Mysterious dragons
The midnight sky
A beautiful sapphire
That lies in the sky

Luxury and nobility
Complex and observant
Artistically talented
Creative and unique
We're all the same underneath
Power, royalty and magic
Truth and peace
Introversion and gloominess
Containment and femininity
Planets are Uranus and moon
Sign is Aquarius and Cancer
Represents thunder
Pansies and gum
Orchids and glum
Hats and scarfs
Your favourite bra
Zappos and Parma violets
Its in incredibles
Sep 2018 · 98
Eris Sep 2018
An open field
Shielded with an abundance of green grass
Rich and vibrant

Filled with yellow daisies
Golden sunflowers
Orange tiger lilies
Luscious lavender

Mothers and their young
Grace among the rest
As the birds and bees fest

Trees stand proud and true
As the daffodils bloom
The sky is consumed
By the stars further than we persume
Sep 2018 · 696
I'm afraid of the closest
Eris Sep 2018
I'm afraid of losing those closest to me,
Even though they keep using for their sake of amusing,
Which always ends up bruising and confusing,
Because I always end up mischoosing and pursuing,
In the people that end up accusing,
One another for always losing,
In the the strife they keep on infusing,
Which leaves me choosing,
On whether or not I should keep moving,
Even though the blood keeps on oozing,
Because I keep on refusing,
To be introducing to those who are blooming,
Because of the bondness I've had with the closest
Which leaves me unfocused and unnoticed,
So I'm afraid my diagnosis,
Is that I will never be victorious of this atrocious,
Because of my loyalty to the closest

— The End —