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han Jun 2015
If there is such a feeling of fulfillment, it is the feeling of accepting yourself
Whether it is piece by piece or all at once
Realizing that what once bothered you is only a memory of feeling is an amazing feeling in itself
Waking up and realizing that you love something you do is amazing
Waking up and being happy with who you are is amazing
han Jan 2015
He ran his fingers down her spine, his lips were her weakness
He ran them along her jaw line and down her arms to the tips of her fingers
Every time their skin met, she melted
They lay naked together, warmed by their affection
She loved the way he kissed her forehead when they woke up in the morning
They shower away last night, but it still lays in the bed
Like they did
han Dec 2014
there is no physical pain that can compare to the torture your thoughts put you through
han Dec 2014
the desk was filled with empty coffee cups
they were almost as empty as his promises
the light on your desk was brighter than the light that led you down your path to misery
it seemed dark but you knew exactly where you were headed
you try to forget by drowning yourself in alcohol but your lungs are already filled with the smell of his breath after  he kissed you goodnight
you stay up late because you know you'll dream of the way he used to hold you and tell you he loved you
but when you're awake you can't help to fantasize about the way he used to look at you
and when someone brushes next to you in the hallway you think about how his hands used to hold your hips and the feel of his weight on top of you
you find yourself convinced of your own lies and the things you make up in your head seem more real than the things you actually felt and smelled and saw
you don't know if you hate him or love him for hurting you
because maybe he made you a better person but why would you break the heart of someone you love
though i'm not sure if breaking my heart is worse than telling me you love me when maybe you didn't at all
han Nov 2014
the air outside was cold
the air inside lingered with the sweet smell of sweat and raw skin
the bed was consumed and the sheets were tossed
it's 3am and although it seems that time stands still when they're together, the snow still falls and the wind whispers secrets like he whispers in her ear 'i love you'
it's tomorrow but it still feels like the day she knew she loved him
it's 6am and he rolls over to see her bare back
fingertips to skin, lips to skin
he knows she loves when he kisses the back of her neck and runs his fingers down her body, top to bottom
naked but not vulnerable
and although so simple, she's aroused and he's invigorated and they're both in love

— The End —