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hannah cook Aug 2018
mirror mirror on the wall

blood is scattered down the hall

mother thrown onto the bed

father has finally lost his head

police are running from their car

bruises are forming down my arm

never come back father said

no longer alive i feel dead

mirror mirror on the wall

will the suffering stop at all?
hannah cook Aug 2018
what a waste of breath

i have given to you
hannah cook Aug 2018
the lines were my friends

all six were as straight as bones

when i became one with the lines, my eyes saw the world clearly

as it should have been all along

one by one

i become enveloped with the lines

and they become enveloped within me

until they consumed me completely

my breath was no more
hannah cook Aug 2018
why is your name brought up over and over
throughout my days

why is your face etched into my veins
as if you have become one with me

why do you wake me in the middle of the night
with me screaming into the humid nights of the cruel reality you tore me through

but you are not there

you never were

so why are you here now
in the form of a miserable memory

when all along
you were just out to destroy me

— The End —