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HannahAlex Moody Mar 2013
As the warmth of the sunlight lightly kissed my cheeks,
I began to sob.
Of the realization of today's events intoxicated my mind.
I pressed ******* against the corner of a cross -
Inscribed into the wall by a fellow Conrad.
Who had also disobeyed, who had broken the rules.

Maybe they had committed mutiny
Or cowardice, or desertion.
Perhaps they were scared,
Perhaps they'd had enough,
Perhaps they just missed home.
We can only ever guess now,
Because dawn came and the pole stood tall.

Killed by their own. Friendly fire.
Who were also suffering and traumatized.
But for the act they were about to commit
Would not take it to the extremes that I had.
Or any of the people that had abused these 4walls before me.
Which one of them would do it?
What final blow would cause the end to my life?
Because for all of us it was never really if we died.
Instead the question was when.

My name is Herbert Morris
I am 17 years old.
I fought in the British West Indies Regiment, until
The date is 20th September 1917.
And today is the day.
For I had escaped
But they found me.
HannahAlex Moody Feb 2013
You stole him from me.
He was mine
And you reached out and took him.
Like he was the last cookie on a plate.
That was my last cookie.
It was in my hand
And you still took it.
You didn’t even want it
You didn’t want him
You just used and abused him.
And then I had to patch him up
As if he were mine again.
But he wasn’t.
Was he?

Because you stole him from me
I thought he was mine
I spoke to him, as I was intoxicated.
Drunk in love.
Watching as his hair fell onto his face
The way he spoke.
And smiled that smile
The way he held his hands
In front of his chest when he spoke

But I don’t get to enjoy this anymore
Because they aren’t my hands anymore
Not my hair, not my smile
They’re yours!
Because you stole him from me.
HannahAlex Moody Feb 2013
I often find myself in wonderland
Talking to cheshire cats
And rabbits in waistcoats
I feel normal here,
For nothing is normal here.
The land is peculiar
And the earth feels unstable
I wish to leave this obscure place
I wish to go home.

Then I am brought back to reality
My wishes have been granted
And I have found what I was looking for.
Yet now it seems unwanted
I feel unnormal here
For everything is normal here
I wish for cheshire cats
And rabbits in waistcoats
A place where I can be accepted
And explore.

I wish for adventures
With strange creatures that can only be imagined
A place that seems like a dream
And is full of dreams.
Where a mushroom can cause a change of perspective
Where hatters are mad
And the queen has no heart.
A wonderful land

I often find myself reminiscing
Talking of cheshire cats
And rabbits in waistcoats
Of a place where I seemed normal
For everything was unnormal
I wish for a land that is peculiar
And the earth feels unstable

I wish for wonderland.
HannahAlex Moody Feb 2013
Her face is beginning to waste away
But nobody noticed that she’s been vacant for days
Soulless, empty, dull inside
Everyday ends and starts teary-eyed
The cuts on her wrist now too many to count
All because society pushed her out.
HannahAlex Moody Feb 2013
Sometimes all it takes it a day,
For your mind to leave and run away.
People laugh and call you depressed
When really all your emotions are suppressed.
You pack your bags and leave
From all the people that are trying to thieve.
HannahAlex Moody Feb 2013
London. January. 7:45pm
A bench possessed by a single gem
Thinking obsessing over a single thought.
Of the last argument they ever fought.

The saxophone player blowing his tune.
His only audience the shining moon.
Trying to earn some last needed dough
Wondering why he even puts on this dumb show
The other street acts already home
Now he stands, alone.

Southbank market nears to an end
Time runs out between two friends.
The spark has gone- the light is out
Now every mind is filled with doubt.

Her mind starts to wander as she contemplates
On all the things she has to complicate
A kiss, a hug, a humorous lie
Did they even try?
Her eyes start to fill with the water of a tear
She fails to keep her mind clear.

She stands up and leaves
Walks away.
She doesn’t know where she’s going
Or why. Or how. Or how long she can postpone
But she still walked. Alone.

— The End —