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Hannah Tackett Sep 2012
This is not a poem of heartfelt emotions
Or of declarations of love.
This is a poem of me.

No longer will I be chained
To love's unending torture;
wishing and hoping
for the same devotion
my heart gives to you.

I will not adhere
to the burden of your perfection
I have placed upon myself.

I will simply be me.

With courage and confidence
I will break the heavy bonds of my hope.
I will burn the pretty picture
I've painted in my head
Of what we could have
Of what we might be.

I will look at who I am
And instead of wide-eyed dreaming
Of the life we could have,
I will love the girl I see in the mirror.

I will not want to alter her
Or change her in any way,
She will be everything I want her to be.

Then, I will finally achieve the perfection I long for.
Then, I will finally be free.
Hannah Tackett Sep 2012
A stool. That’s all it took.
A simple act of kindness, because that’s who you are.
And then everything changed.

I noticed your stunning eyes
And your beautiful smile.
I thought it was lust.
I wanted to run my fingers through your hair
And peel off your clothing one piece at a time.
But then I wanted to stare into those gorgeous eyes, stroke your cheek
And feel your warm skin on mine.
I wanted to make you smile
And hear the sweet sound of your laughter
Because it’s melody makes my day a little bit brighter.
And when it’s because of something I said
I know that just for that second
I crossed your mind.

If I reached out my arms would you hug me?
If I held your hand would you hold mine?
If I cried on your shoulder
Would you let me be there for you on your darkest day?

What would you have me do?
Who would you have me be?
If myself is not enough I will gladly change.
When will you see it?

When I look at you
I see us
But I know when you look at me
You see a somebody.
But I’d rather be your somebody than your nobody.

I know you don’t see any of this
And if you do
You don’t care.
It kills me a little more each day.
I look around at happy couples
And all I see is you and me
I know we could be so perfect.

So I put on a brave face
And tell myself to move on
Before I become addicted to this pain
But it’s too late.
Because the dreams still come
And my eyes still wander
And when your name leaves someone’s lips
And floats gently around a room
I catch myself looking
Like at the mention you’ll be standing there
Smiling and laughing with me.

I convince everyone that I don’t care;
tell myself I don’t care
But I know it’s a lie.
I care more than anything in this universe
And if you would just give me a chance
I think you might see it.

One night.
Just give me one night.
To be with you
To talk with you
To laugh with you
Just to sit with you.
And if, then, you still feel nothing
Just maybe
I could let you go.

For now, though
My hair stands on end when I’m near you
Chills run through me
And the butterflies still flutter when you smile.
I love you
And I always will.
And maybe someday
You’ll look over at me
And you’ll see more than your friend.
You’ll see a girl who is head over heels for you
Who’d take a bullet
Or fight a mob;
Who would die for you
And your butterflies will flutter too.

— The End —