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Doongi96 Dec 2016
Late at night
I stare up high
At all the diamonds
In the sky
There’s this one
That catches my eye
It shines the brightest
And I wonder why
My heart, it melts
As our gazes collide
And within moments
I start to cry
I build it up
This hurt inside
Because this little star
That I love so much
Is so high up
I can not touch

Twinkle twinkle
My little star
You shine the brightest
No matter where you are
Up above my world so high
Your light reflects
Within my eyes
It fills me up
With happiness and pride
My love for you
Expands so wide
And yet again
I begin to cry
And yet again
I will tell you why
This beautiful diamond
Whom I love so much
Is so far up
That I can not touch
Doongi96 Oct 2014
How macabre she looks standing before me
Staggering  down the hall towards me
Eyes bulged with compassion
For what she sees as a beatific deed
In stance to strike me down
And leave me to bleed
In comparison to the past
Then, she was much more sweet
Wearing an eternal smile upon her visage where ever she paraded
But oh, how deeply she glares through my soul
She froze my heart
With this sudden change
My body became stone
When she raised her axe
My breath was stilled
I must not let her go
She is not whom she was
Months ago

Watching her walk away
Burst my heart into shards of glass
Sprayed across the floor
I don't know who she is anymore
But there is one thing I know for sure
For if I am to die on this floor
I will not die alone
In my pocket lies "Rosaline"
The finest gun my grandfather bestowed upon me
In a split second she's down on the floor
Staring back at me
In absolute horror
Seeing her suffer slowly before me
I still do not abhor
Watching her bleed now
I love her even more
The time we've spent together
I've so adored
I do not know whom she is anymore
But if she is to die
She will not die alone.
Doongi96 Jun 2014
I look deep within your face
In admiration of your existence
I want to memorize every feature
For a memorabilia when we're apart
As to not forget
And to keep you forever in my heart.

When I was silently torn down
You built me back up
If I don't know which direction in life to go
I know you'll be there to hold my hand
To guide me til I devise  plan

So stay by my side
And I'll do the same
We'll support one other
No matter what others say

If there is ever a time
When we get into a quarrel
I know there is a way
For our hearts to mend
Because we love one another
My lovely friend.
I made this poem for my friend Chris ^-^ AKA DJ Broke. He's so awesome!
Doongi96 Jun 2014
Soft grey clouds
Soaking up your every tear
Becoming iron clad
Each time you shed a tear
They're being stored away
To contain the hurt
Your body can't endure

You're now a faceless being
Walking along the lifeless seams of humanity
You jump
Not knowing where you'll fall
You aspire to be caught
But you know
Some people just have to drop

If you had fell
Do you have people in your life who would care?
Is there someone there
Who would click your rewind button
To send you falling in reverse
Spiraling  your way into their arms
"Don't go. Come back home."

But don't forget...
How before you jumped
The grey clouds could no longer
Contain your painful burden
So your tears shattered the barrier
Raining dejection
*비(pi) is Korean for Rain
Doongi96 Jun 2014
This crosswalk
Empty as always
I walk into the street
Who cares about looking both ways
When there is no one here.
I stand in the median
I look off into the distance
The most beautiful light shines above me.
Warming me.
Embracing me.
Welcoming me into a new world
It;s blissful
I can smile,
I can,
I can finally be happy
I'm surrounded by those
who are
also like me
for once
Doongi96 Jun 2014
Is it okay
If I love you
More then you give to me
Is it alright
For me to hurt
To dig deeper into my wounds
While you stand from afar
As you watch me bleed

is it sad
That  broke apart
When you moved away
Even though you're close
I feel your too far away
Is it pathetic
That I feel too much
And my heart is on the verge of collapsing
But do you ever feel a thing?

Is it worthless
Of me to think of you
So often
When you might not even give my existence a second thought
Is it dumb of me
of me to chase after you
When you took me for granted
And you wouldn't think of doing the same

My life
Shouldn't be wasted on such things
My tears Aren't worth shedding
My time
Can't be reversed
But if it could
I think
I'd love you more
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