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Nov 2014 · 279
And He Leaves
Gwen Zinsmeyer Nov 2014
Four years of calling him my best friend
And he leaves

Four years having him to lean on
And he leaves

Four years filled with laughter
And he leaves

Four years of confiding in him
And he leaves

Four years of never dying friendship
And he leaves

Four years of promises for the future
And he leaves

Four years of his guidance
Four years of thinking suicide wasn't the answer
Four years of believing myself
Four years of his embrace when I was down
Four years of not giving up because of him
Four years

And he leaves
Jun 2014 · 190
Gwen Zinsmeyer Jun 2014
Hang a rope
Up so high
All I've wanted
Was to die

I'm almost there
About to break through
I can't breathe anymore
As my face turns blue

Count to ten
Let myself go
No one cares
But everyone will know

No body noticed
No body cared
Now they will see
How low I was in despair

You made some jokes
Some went to far
Your jokes all around me
Like I'm in a jar

You point and laugh
You think it's funny
Now just you wait
You'll be laughing soon honey

Write a note
Written in red
You'll never know
How much I bled

Pick up the letter
Read it word for word
Now you know
Your words really hurt

With shaking hands
Raking through your head
You're not laughing now
Your crying instead

"You caused all this
For me to die
It's your fault
For my suicide"
Jun 2014 · 268
All Alone
Gwen Zinsmeyer Jun 2014
All alone I sit
In my empty room.
Crying my eyes out
Just wanting to end my life soon.

No one understands me.
No one knows what goes through my head.
No one gets the pain I feel.
No one knows that I feel dead.

I cut myself to relieve the pain.
I relive the stress just for awhile.
Until my parents find out.
They look at me like I'm vile.

I promised to stop.
Promised to let it go.
But how can I,
When it's the only thing I know?

I need it back.
Cutting is my drug.
I need to let go of the stress within me.
Help me.

They say they love me
But I know they lie.
How can they
When I want to die?

So here I sit.
Alone in my room.
Crying my eyes out.
Wishing someone will end my life soon.

— The End —