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Gutter Grimer Jan 2019
Be it a duration or a short sweet moment,
I've come to appreciate the times
when air floats still
the breath on your lips hovering.
A glance to assure that I'm at peace still
and we sink back into the cushions
we sync back into rhythm.
Gutter Grimer Jan 2019
He's drunk again,
but that's okay because
his candor is kinder.
"I wouldn't marry you on paper,
but I'll marry you in my heart."
Gutter Grimer Jan 2019
Plummeting underwater
microbial life fusing
humbling in complication
the crux of life
exhaustive in its display
ever-less grateful
as the hours creep
a desultory existence
awaits us all.
Gutter Grimer Jan 2019
For peaceful days, where all I need is to
rest my restless head on stone cold
ground mustard, ******* out the sting.
In torrential downpour, to laugh and scream
or sit in silence as sounds pile.
The whir, the start-up diesel draining
out of fuel;
cant keep up.
Gutter Grimer Dec 2018
Shapes on-
A sepia glow, blow
Pieces into reaches
Hollow down below
Corrosion of tone, hone
A plentiful tome
Drums grown lone
Gutter Grimer Dec 2018
Guided by moonlight
To a croaking shore
Your fire-skin seared
With a lunar glow

As you breathe sun into my lungs,
I am collapsed by weightless love.
Gutter Grimer Oct 2018
I wake up smelling of you
And it's all I can do
Not to slip inside that dream again
The one where warm honey flows
Between our lips, our hips
Pressed together in time
Justified in every motion
Sweat pools between torsos
As a glimmer bounces
Surfaces in your cold room
The moon is long gone
And we radiate as we share stares
Intense like the day that has just begun
Although my sunshine has been
Beside me all along
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