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In my hands, your touch
In my stare, the disire
In my mouth, all of it!
Just a kiss...

original in portuguese

Nas mãos, o toque
No olhar, o desejo
Na boca, tudo!
*Só um beijo...
One day I sat down listening
To one of your songs
Just waiting for the man to come

And then in the other day
I refused to go onboard that ship
Cap didn't seem very well to lead me somewhere

Some years had gone
Some new songs had come
Some new exciting feelings too

One day I got up to go to the zoo
But there were warnings
"Do not feed the animals"
I don't mind, I don't care
Certainly it was a lovely day
Spending with your records in my ears

The other day I saw my face
And hated myself, I've wished
I was someone else, a better person
Someone good, like I always thought you were

But as dreams come true
Nightmares does too
I would really apreciate
If you had an imortal body
To never listen what I have listened
On that sunday evening...

Lou is gone
Today I listened to a song that I first listen  to it when I was 16...
some verses that I never noticed that they were there.
The lyrics are a little bit different from the studio album because it's from
a recorded tape in a show on 1969...

Lou Reed was a amazing person, writer, guitar player and unique!

Lisa says on a night like this
It would be so nice if you give me a kiss
And Lisa says that you just want a little smile
And I sit next to you for a little while

And Lisa says that you must be a funny kind of guy
Wait allways staring at the sky

Lisa says...

And now that you are next to me
I just get so upset, why am I so shy?
Those good times, they just seem to pass me by

Lisa says
the time is crawling
awaked in a painful dream
in this eternal dawn
inside a spiral i'm still sinking

under a senselessness life
wondering the smell of death
pretending i'm still living
but not alive, actually

the time is running
slipping through the maturity
drying the skin that covers
a portion of meat
that one day will stink
before feed some
worms and maggots
that probably ignore
the fact that they're alive
to be continued...
Just like some spell
You spell the word l-o-v-e
You spell the word m-e
You spell them out
Right on my ears

You spell your feelings out
Slightly hidden through these years
My hands softly slide down on your cheeks

Under a spell

A l-o-v-e m-e spell
I Inflate my lungs
And blow
And breath
And tell
Tell you
My spell
I spell y-o-u
A l-o-v-e m-e spell
The same way
You did it to me

*by Antonia van Haas
Bury the body
This is over
There ain't no party
Life has gone
Nothing else to be shown
No more things to be done

Throw the roses
Smash up the clay
There's no more reasons
To be, to feel or to stay

Give up the fight
Everything went dark
It's gone, there's no more light

Take this last drink
Life isn't the way you thought
It is not the way
It's not the end
But it's the only and lonely
Sad reason to finish this season

“Break my body and hold my bones” (1)
Break the glass and get into...
Through the end,
Till the grave

*(1) - a verse from Pixies song 'Break My Body'
I'll wait some more
But sometimes I think to myself
What for?

I'll ask why
And then explain the reasons
For these stains,
These chains.

Sometimes it hurts
I don't recall
Some other times it rips
I don't feel anymore

I'll ask why
And then forget the reasons
For these chains,
These stains.
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