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Guess Who Feb 2014
“La vérité vaut bien qu'on passe quelques années sans la trouver.”
Truth is more valuable if it takes you a few years to find it.

If only I could touch
The way your words flow
The way your lips glide
The way December drives my unmoved nose into a crooked mess

When will you place your lovely hands
On the doorknob
Opening you up to a heavenly world
You never knew existed
Seeing it like I do

Why don’t you go outside
So you can hear the call of the landscape
And the rush of the heavens
Upon you

Quidni, inquit, meminerim
People will always forget what you did
They will always remember
The feelings you graced them with
Your presence
The overpowering scent

Time moves slowly
But passes rapidly
The days start to feel like months
Maybe it doesn’t matter if
My life is overthought away
Maybe the wonder of what if
Will make today what is

Are you sure?
Are you sure about that?
My life is as I want it to be
But I-
I don’t understand
Life isn’t always about understanding

Photographs tell the story of my grandfather
In the old country
Before he had to fight with every inch of his body
Just to stay alive
Photographs tell the story of me
With a mind
That didn’t treat me how I wanted to be treated

Just look up at the moon
I see it too
Its glistening radiance
Reflecting back on my sunglasses

My soup is getting cold
The Anemoi are blowing wind toward you
Tell them to stop
I can’t
Why not
Because Zeus was angry
Casting Typhoeus into Tartaos
And with that the wind was born

Am I really the only person who tastes her soup when it’s too hot?
It just bubbles and boils forever
It tastes so good
Nice and hot
Like the summer day where the umbrella
High in the sky
Shades us
Like trees in the forrest
Or the buildings that crashed
9/11 came like its planes that flew too fast
T.S. Eliot Inspired
Guess Who Jan 2014
I love him because the dust from his eyelashes sprinkles knowledge
Because he understands
And I understand
But yet we don't
See the tick tick ticking time bomb that goes off in my head after he walks by
Not because my heart jumps
Not because I've finally found a good distraction
But because I'm afraid
I'm afraid that every thought
Every idea
Will not be good enough
I think, I say
But I'm not good enough
And he understands
And I understand
Yet we don't
See the line between joking and mean
Right and wrong
Sane and insane
But please don't throw around the c-word
Crazy I repeat
Because I'm not crazy
And he understands
And I understand
But the knowledge that sprinkles from his eyelashes
Doesn't teach him kindness to those that remind him of the things he can't love in himself
So no
He may think he understands
But he doesn't

— The End —