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zelle Mar 22
loving you
had me cluelessly chasing a nymphalidae in the woods
until i couldn’t discern where i was—
you allured me into your perilous realm
and milady i bow-down
for i am yours

                                                  — z.g.
zelle Feb 6
do you hear me pleading?
just like the rain pouring
the thunder screaming
desire burning
words deteriorating
utter those words i want to hear
— for i don’t want to fall into drear

              — z.g.
zelle Feb 5
beneath this
candy scented sheet
smiling so evil
hands so cruel
lips fraught with danger
moans remain stifled
milady, for how long?

          — z.g.
zelle Feb 3
if the world
had reached its end
my words
will seek for you
to know
the world had ended
the day you left

                  — z.g.
zelle Feb 2
i look at the moon
to know i’m not alone
i seek for the stars
to claim what’s ours
to the wind i whisper
words i never once utter
                    — z.g.
zelle Feb 2
your eyes are
like the ocean
— too deep and eerie
the thought of you
resembles the waves
— it comes and goes

                — z.g.
zelle Feb 1
your words cut through my soul
my smile couldn't take it anymore
my walls are caving in
my demons are creeping in
i did it again

              — z.g.
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