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Greca Cortes Sep 2018
Face to face with you
My love only speaks truth
Inhale fire
Exhale desire
Shoulder to shoulder
I'll be your boulder
Lean as you may please
I love you in perpetuity
Greca Cortes Aug 2018
Shades and hues
Constructed and abused
I knock at the door of justice
"Who has allowed this?"
Everyone is displaced and misrepresented
When did you let a senseless screen numb your senses?
Greca Cortes Jun 2018
Let it fall
Where it needs to land
By chance
By circumstance

Look within.
Greca Cortes May 2018
How slowly time passes
As we stand apart
Playing with fire
Incinerating our past into ashes

Waiting for spring,
As if it hasn't sprung

Bloom to Wilt to Bloom again
It is what was intended
Because you began
Where I ended
Greca Cortes May 2018
Time is deceiving
Is it a perception
Or a dimension?
Greca Cortes May 2018
Connect to disconnect
To connect again
A cycle that never ends
Unless you reconnect
Thoughts and feelings...

Stare into the abyss
Very unsure
The risk...
Business is risky,
But even more...
is the reconnect

Unknown to known
Misused, misplaced
Replaced and reused...
Only you
End the cycle
It's cyclical

Pick it back up again,
This time
Communicate to preserve
And say things
For which you are unprepared for
But you take a chance
Because it's one life
One dance
Will you hold my hand?
Greca Cortes May 2018
You give in
But not to give up


Intuition is tough.
It pulls you one way
To push you into another.


— The End —