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Grassblade Nov 2020
It has been a long, tumultuous voyage..  into complacent.. stagnant.. normalcy.

I've swum the tides of fortune, pleasure, knowledge.. and as they fall I can feel the dry sand, chafing my sanity.

I've seen wonders of the world, built to inspire - inevitably in vain. Opportunity and privilege have no purpose in a frozen museum of a life.

They snuck onto me covertly.. unnoticed. A lame onesie.. slightly too tight around the neck... obnoxiously, unnaturally colored for no reason.

I've cast off all semblance of any character I once had
and I lay here now in bed
In my plebian pajamas and with my flaccid life.
Grassblade Jun 2020
mask of virtue
over a smooth brain
Grassblade Oct 2019
There's a circus on my back,
    and a monkey leading the show.

I could try to get my life on track,
   but I'd really like to go.
Grassblade Jun 2019
Put hands on mouse and keyboard
    to turn on this fog machine.
Filled my mind with cloudy vapor
  and now I cannot see.
Grassblade Dec 2018
Wet. sand. pours. from. my. heart.
. . . .
into. a. castle. of. doomed. ambitions.
. . .
Too-quicksand. counts. each. beat.,.
. .
'til. the. terminal. grain.
leaves the partial life
The eager mind's heart races too fast.
Grassblade Nov 2018
the clocks are rising up in rebellion
and nothing can stop them
quick! we have to sleep before it's too late
Grassblade Nov 2018
The untended **** can only grow
'til the roots take to stone
and it soon becomes known

Should a tug be its fate,
then a hole must be filled
but the stone won't forget
even if the garden will.
In response to PAX's "****":
I was left hanging
in your garden heart
yet I was only a ****
who never got your
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