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Grace Clara Mar 2018
the river glistened under the new moon sky
the same night my heart fell for you

the light from heaven shined through the tiny tears
in sheets of the atmosphere

we layed by the river on the snow
looking at the stars through the branches of the trees

we kept still to the sound of the slightest movement
and came in close to save the moment

the moon has gone through its phases
and we come back to the river on the night of the new moon

just like the moon smiles again and again
through its phases

i will keep falling for you
Grace Clara Mar 2018
gravity isn't the only thing pulling you down
i can see it in the stare that is trying to lay a weight on me
it won't come crashing down over my head
because you don't have control of gravity
i am stonger than gravity because i see what you are trying to do
i see that you are trying to push me down
with a weight floating over my head i am completely aware of
but you cannot not pull down gravity
Grace Clara Feb 2018
your eyes give me vision
your touch gives me feeling
your voice gives me mine

this is what makes me want to write
Grace Clara Feb 2018
we walk on this earth
with our eyes on the stars
our heads in the clouds
our hearts reaching out
our arms wide open
embracing what is above us
yet we wish to stay grounded
with our feet on the ground

what is above us will give us the grounding
because our roots come from the love among the stars
and above our raising hands of praise
Grace Clara Feb 2018
the songs you sing come from
the bottom of your heart
and the top of your head

because you sing what is true to you
you have no fear in what you sing
fear in the truth
or fear in the world you dream to be singing to

you sing to me now
and my heart glows from the core
and I see this is

you say I'm your muse
but you're my inspiration
Grace Clara Feb 2018
my head rests on this pillow
my head becomes restless on this pillow
being able to look at you
when your head rests on this pillow
next to me
I'm at rest with you

your lips are like pillows
when you slowly let them shut on mine
and I'm at peace
when my head becomes restless
in thoughts of you
my head is at rest because you are mine
and I can kiss those pillow lips
Grace Clara Feb 2018
I can't keep my hands off of you
I need to be holding your hand
or something
at all times

because you're a dream to me
and I need to know if
you're really real

I need to show you that
my love for you is real too
because this dream-like feeling
makes me believe it is

— The End —