that great divide
total faith and veritable doubt
i reside as
pure luminescence
the primal seed
behind all existence

my dance
gives the boson
its mass

i am that i am
truth, existence and bliss
intuited by sages
to be the ultimate reality

© 2018

me too
just groped by a president or two
#me too
just raped by a senator or two
#me too
just fondled by a celebrity or two
#me too
just pinched by a pervert too

#me too
where you care not
to seek consent
cos I'm a woman
and therefore branding me
to be "on sale too"

© 2017

a black cobra
with a raised hood
around his blue neck
gaping in awe
at the primordial being
adorned with
a crescent moon
on his matted locks

the dance of the atom
comes to a standstill
to catch a glimpse
of his half-smile
delivered out of pure compassion
for all human-kind,
so caught up
in their pettiness
missing the bigger picture

© 2017

deep within
his tawny matted locks
adorned with
a perfect crescent moon,
her epic journey

ancestors belonging
to a great lineage,
by her whimsical flow

as millions take
soul-stirring dips
in her crystal-like
icy waters,

they worship her
with melodic hymns,
and decorated lamps
every step of the way

© 2017

We take this moment
To offer
A heartfelt prayer,
For the many odes
Seeded in the
Mind-womb of poets
Which never made it
To birth

Along the way
For equally
Good and bad reasons

© 2017

to the cosmic nomad
from one end of the universe
to the other
riding his faithful bull
with no place to call home
the heart of the pure devotee,
i offer
one bilva leaf
all my love...

© 2017

i-con-i-c means
i con (you)
(and) i (see)
(that the con's working well!)

no iconic brands
that you sport
is a window
the real you

true completeness
seldom comes
boutiques of glamour,
but discovered
from a deep dive within
to find
the real "I"

© 2017

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