A cosmic tiger
Now turned
Cubist cat
Hangs on a wall

Proudly recounting
The tale of when
He served
As a vehicle bearer,
For the most
Potent energy form
To human kind
In the entire cosmos

© 2017

The chasm carved
Between us
By the inscrutable Time
Is now
Wider than the universe

Sweet memories
Gently fade
Voids inexplicable,
The ensuing silence

Despite this divide
I peek a boo
At the clouds
Separating us
Looking for a silver lining

© 2017

A white horse
Sword in hand
His determined eyes
Signal readiness
To fight
A different battle

A campaign
To protect
The globally innocent

Unmanned drones
Deter him not,
His disguises
Continuously change,
Social Media
His new found weapon
To wage this virtuous war

His victory is certain!

© 2017

carved in black granite
consciousness and energy
shiva and shakti
in an androgynous form
performing the cosmic dance

© 2017

Clad in white
He kneels,
At the crowded corner
Of 79th and Madison Avenue

Facing East
Rug neatly laid out
Praying with a fervor
Seldom seen,
To as-Salam
His source of peace

To the chagrin
Of a few Manhattanites
Passing by....

Probably wondering:
Could he be a terrorist?

© 2017

with a kung fu kick
inside shaolin temple
ego surrenders

© 2017

every time
you use
the word "I"

dive deep
into your third eye
to pose the question:
who is the real "I"
all these eyes

© 2017

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