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GR Feb 2018
in the mirror
of a blood shot full moon
i glimpsed thy beauty

not the physical you
but a reflection,
where that angelic smile
has been wiped clean
by stealthy time

the cracks
on the surface
gave away
the pain of your solitude!

your beauty will
shine into eternity
only as long as my reflection
stays firmly in your heart

for without question
my dear,
despite your distance
I alone can give you
your true sense of I

© 2018
GR Jan 2018
under a neon blur
in a karaoke bar
desperately seeks

not even tequila
with bitter lemon rinds
wipes clean
the solitary foot print
left behind
in the sands of time
of an unrequited love

a chilling silence...
buried memories...
anesthetized pain...
are all that remain
empty shot glasses

© 2018
GR Jan 2018
that great divide
total faith and veritable doubt
i reside as
pure luminescence
the primal seed
behind all existence

my dance
gives the boson
its mass

i am that i am
truth, existence and bliss
intuited by sages
to be the ultimate reality

© 2018
GR Dec 2017
me too
just groped by a president or two
#me too
just ***** by a senator or two
#me too
just fondled by a celebrity or two
#me too
just pinched by a pervert too

#me too
where you care not
to seek consent
cos I'm a woman
and therefore branding me
to be "on sale too"

© 2017
GR Dec 2017
a black cobra
with a raised hood
around his blue neck
gaping in awe
at the primordial being
adorned with
a crescent moon
on his matted locks

the dance of the atom
comes to a standstill
to catch a glimpse
of his half-smile
delivered out of pure compassion
for all human-kind,
so caught up
in their pettiness
missing the bigger picture

© 2017
GR Dec 2017
deep within
his tawny matted locks
adorned with
a perfect crescent moon,
her epic journey

ancestors belonging
to a great lineage,
by her whimsical flow

as millions take
soul-stirring dips
in her crystal-like
icy waters,

they worship her
with melodic hymns,
and decorated lamps
every step of the way

© 2017
GR Dec 2017
We take this moment
To offer
A heartfelt prayer,
For the many odes
Seeded in the
Mind-womb of poets
Which never made it
To birth

Along the way
For equally
Good and bad reasons

© 2017
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