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Giovanna Jun 2013
I hold many secrets,
Behind these eyes.
Most of what you know,
It's all lies.

My name,
you don't know it.
nor ever will you.

My father,
He worked with a,

I hold many secrets,
you'll never know.

If you're lucky,
And i trust you,
i will expose them.
Giovanna Jun 2013
i am dyslexia.
does  not mean im dum.
i just cant read or right easily.

i am synesthesia
i usually say the colour,
youre outlined with,
or i say the thing that,
i taste with your words.
am i random?
to you maybe.

i am stutter.
i t-ta-alk l-like th-this.
am i dumb?
i again say-no. i am as smart as you.
maybe even smarter.

Can you imagine trying,
to read something out loud,
while having dyslexia ,
AND  a stutter?
its crazy.
Giovanna Jun 2013
I got out of bed and clicked open the door, another day with these maniacs. I looked at the floor, "****!" There were squares everywhere. I have this issue with squares. If i touch one that already has something on it, i have to start over again. I stare at the ground, hip hopping around. My long blonde hair in a braid to the side, Bangs in my eyes. i put my hand on the wall so i can use it as a guide. On my bare feet, the ground felt smooth, and soft. But icy, and cold. I liked it. My head bumped into something. i looked up shyly to see a man holding a bundle of human pinkies. "Would you like a carrot?" the purple man asked me. i was quite hungry. "yes please sir." I was questioning why he was holding a bundle of human fingers but then, "Here you go cutie." i looked up again, he handed me three pinkies, i accepted them and he stared at me with a large creepy smile. i just then realised how odd he looked, and he wasn't wearing any form of proof he stayed in this ward. He wore a tattered green suit and black skinny jeans. he bid me farewell. i was about to put my hand on the wall when i looked down, but found that there were no squares. It took me a moment, but i remembered that this hallway indeed had no squares.
Giovanna Jun 2013
I walk into school,
and find your unique Blue glowing outline amoungst
the average outlined people.
i lean on your locker
as you tell me how the last
episode of the walking dead ended.
as i listen to your unique voice
i taste buttered popcorn.

it wasn't an unusual event.

It wasn't till the day,
I walked into school,
And i saw you,
you were sick and your voice was raspy.
but my brain refused to accept,
that it was you.
because you were lacking a ring of colour.
and your voice tasted of caramel,
and not of buttery popcorn,
and i asked you where your,
colours went,
it wasn't till then did i realise,
that i was not normal.
and thats when i was told,
that i had synesthesia.
Giovanna Jun 2013
Running fast, really fast. I get this feeling at the pit of my stomach. Almost like butterflies  from excitement or nervousness. But this feeling is clearly different. My feet finally lift off the ground and I started to fly. I was in complete control now. I Flew. Flying so fast and zooming high. Zig zagging everywhere feeling free to do as I please, I “fall” down to the ground head first Speeding like a bullet. Then I save myself last minuet like they do with the fighter jets during an air show. People gasping in awe to be witnessing a blue eyed blonde haired girl fly. People cant accept the fact that i am completely and simply anti gravity. But it is completely and easily controlled. But then, I woke up. Starring at the plane whit ceiling, and the plane white everything. What a joy.  I thought to myself. Another day stuck in this prison. A nurse came into my room. "You appear to be doing better since your last....outburst....and we are "happy" to allow you to roam the halls again." she said clearly not happy that there was another one to keep track of. I'm in a mental hospital. I'm insane. I certainly do not agree. I think im fine.
Decided to write a story :D
Giovanna Jun 2013
im scared.
im scared to hug you
im scared to hold hands
im scared to go places with you
because theres always that possibility,
that i will fall in love.
so i hide.
i hide behind my wall.
i have built it very tall.
i fear by trying to block you out,
and push you away,
i have made you just want to stay.
that scares me.
because i think i have,
scared myself,
into loving you.
Giovanna May 2013
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