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gellison Feb 2021
Mother worries
but I'm in a hurry.

Mother made curry
but I'm in a hurry.

I know I'm all blurry
but I'm in a hurry.

why does she worry?
gellison Feb 2021
one day i swore
one day i'll have more

i'll no longer be Poor

on that day i was sore
i had more than before

but i was still Poor

oh, what was it for?
gellison Feb 2021
A Street
A House
A Room

A Car
A Nook
A Couch

A Book

Opens your mind
Opens doors
Open doors
Open more

More than before

What’s more

Infinity plus four
Is more

Four more than before?
gellison Feb 2021
How far away

will we stay

in the present


are overrated

I want to give
my all

I feel small

I want to be tall
see all

but I don’t want to fall
gellison Feb 2021
A treat
A bite
Something nice

All I need

Enough to feed

My belly
Is growling

A smile is enough
      I have enough stuff

Stuff my face
Keep my space

Not a trace

Thank you for the kind gesture
gellison Feb 2021
hit the snooze

hit the *****

hear that song

right that wrong

like a dove

like a glove
gellison Feb 2021
is cool.

Takes fools,

makes them cool.

Takes fools,

makes them tools,

makes them fools.
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