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gellison Nov 2021
the Love of my life
my Lovely wife
free me from strife
gellison Mar 2021
My walls would always be


and I would still believe in God
                              because he sees me

gellison Mar 2021
Time never

Always moves       forward



the longest marathon



I see you
mocking me with that

take a minute

                 ­                  rest your hands.
gellison Mar 2021
We believe that in the next 10 years the value for autonomous vehicles, autonomous ride-hailing, autonomous food delivery, genomics, orbital transportation, digital wallets, and virtual reality will reach a


market cap.

Meanwhile, we suggest anyone without a
                      Ph.D. in either engineering or finance
move rapidly into social media influencing.

Soon, only 1 out of every 100 individuals in our society will need to work.

Let’s continue to pump the economy full of cash to inflate our asset prices and placate all of the losers sitting ****** on their couch watching virtual reality ****.

gellison Mar 2021
Once, I possessed a soul

I made not a dime
but it was fine

I was full.

Now I spend my days in myriad ways

money is might
it's constantly tight

   I am hungry.
gellison Feb 2021
i read
   but i'm not a reader
i dance
   but i'm not a dancer
i look
   but i'm not a looker
i love
   but i'm not a lover
i drink
   but i'm not a drinker
i think
gellison Feb 2021
we exist to persist

that's the gist
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