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3.7k · Jan 2011
Don't you fall asleep.
Don't you dream too deep.
Before i come home.
Trying to find way home i have roamed.
To kiss you goodnight.
And hold you tight.
2.1k · Nov 2010
Perfume Rain
I'm singing for you....
Singing for you...
Only for you....
For you...

Your rhythm so perfect and wild...
I watch you walk from a far...
On this happy spring day so mild...
From your heart  me you do not bar.

Tonight i am leaving my door ajar.
So you know that i am letting you in.
Not only in my house but also in my heart.
So right into you i am falling

We are having perfume rain.
A thousand scents of love we do not feign.
I want your sweet wine kisses on me.
As we lay down and you touch me

Fill me up, fill me in...
Lift me up, let me in...
Our hands flap, dancing  to the music within.

I am singing for you...
Singing for you...
Only for you...
For you...

Perfume rain, perfume rain, come down on me...
In your cupped hands you hold my heart.
Perfume my heart with your love...
2.0k · Nov 2010
A Foggy Day in Kilkenny
One foggy morning i woke up to find my father crying in the living room.
I asked him what was happening, but not a word he said.
I walked out the door and ran into my friend at the gate.
he was crying.
I asked him what was happening.
not a word he said.

I kept walking and i saw 2 women in the park crying.
One of them was sobbing so hard that her body shivered.
Then came another woman, crying, she sat between the two other women and hid her face with her jumper.

As i kept walking I saw a man passing me by in a rush,talking on his phone, crying.
A little boy in his ***** school uniform,crying while his mother, who was crying as well walking them both towards the other side of the busy street.

Then i saw it....
Everybody was crying...
A man driving by in his red car...
4 men pulling a canoe to the river...
A woman in black dress carrying a sheet of paper fluttering in the wind.
2 old men playing chess in front of the department store...
All crying....
While doing their regular daily activities...

I thought to myself....
What is happening????

The answer came unexpectedly from myself...
I was crying as well...
Tears running down my face like sweat.

I was standing in front of my Father's graveyard....
With those gravestones around me....
It was just another cold foggy day in Kilkenny.
Those gravestones looked so sad and old.
I thought to myself....
''These people who died a long time ago.
Forgotten and abandoned...
I used to know these people...
When they were still alive and full of hopes for their lives''

'' Now all dead and sad...
Before me....''

I felt the cold wind blowing the dead leaves away...
The fog hanging heavily in the air....
Not a word i said....
2.0k · Jan 2011
Scandinavian Skies
The smell of the northern seas.
The song of the trees we feel.
Stars clutch at your feet.
Vague trance is where we meet.

Scandinavian skies, under the moon silky silver.
Into the blue we dance deeper.
Horizon lights gleam before my eyes.
Raging seas cold as ice.

Take hold of my drawing hand.
Weakly i ****** into the sand.
On the shore where waves crash.
Whom we made a rush.

Scandinavian skies set me free.
Scandinavian skies i lean on like a tree.
Silky crimson wrung through and preserved.
You write me a single sacred verse.
1.9k · Jan 2011
Empty Street
I walk myself to a place i know.
I feel familiar as it shows.
I feel cold as i browse.
Into the darkness rocks i throw.

As it gets darker it gets colder.
City lights dance in a swirl of colours.
I feel and smell vague scents of people who were once here.
As if they were near.

No sounds no movements.
I feel no enjoyment.
Empty street, a cold night.
I have got nothing in my sight.

How many passed this way, these footprints.
Of some i know and am not acquainted with.
Empty street, i stand alone.
Empty street i fall on.
1.9k · Nov 2010
Coffee and Cigarette
Don't go yet,baby....
One more cigarette to my story...
I love the way you move your hips so *****.
In my bed you'll end up tonight absolutely

My coffee has gone cold
Still this story you're told
As the night grows cold
I am a lover so bold

Smokes and sweats you're my lady
I'm standing here so steady.
Just move your body closer and i am ready.
Touches and kisses i am on fire already.
1.8k · Feb 2011
Lovedrunk (repost)
A rose is not a rose until a woman picks it and places it next to her heart....
A song is not a song until a lover sings it to the earth and heaven.
A woman is not a woman until a man
finds her and makes her worth-loving.

You're the song that echoes in my heart.
You're the sound that beats in my body every day and night.
You're the light that shines inside my darkest dreams.
You're the colours of my energy.
You're the last chapter of a book i will be reading before i die.
You're the face i see whenever i close my eyes.
You're my shadow...

Everytime you move you take the beauty of this world with you.
You walk through the hallway of my heart and fill the empty spaces.
My love for you is a perfume i pour at your feet.
Unto heaven and earth i am made a poem
Read and sung i will remain for good

i am love-drunk for you
You are the vineyard of my youth
More i drink,more i feel
How this beauty you gives out i seek
1.6k · Nov 2010
Our Christmas Tree
of our love
For you and me
to remember always
Till the day
we both die and fade away
I offer what money can not buy
My only devoted and everlasting heart
I'll stand by you
No matter what is probably coming our way.
I will always love you till my heart stops beating.
I wanna grow old with you and die in your arms because i
1.5k · Dec 2010
Our Christmas Tree (re-post)
of our love
For you and me
to remember always
Till the day
we both die and fade away
I offer what money can not buy
My only devoted and everlasting heart
I'll stand by you
No matter what is probably coming our way.
I will always love you till my heart stops beating.
I wanna grow old with you and die in your arms because i
Merry Xmas to you all... God bless us everyone...
1.4k · Dec 2010
My Boyhood Friend
My Boyhood Friend

We were playing hide and seek.
It was one fair summer day.
I called out his name.
And then i found him.
Hidden in the bush, smiling back at me so happily.
I found you, i said.
You found me, he said.

Yesterday i received the news that he had passed away.
I was so devastated.

Away...away he's gone...
Out of my sight...
He's so young...
So young...
Maybe he is only hiding again...
Just like that one summer day in the bushes...
Only i will never find him this time...
1.4k · Dec 2010
Cocktail Liberal
Everybody has their own taste of freedom.
Mine is really simple like a comfy couch in a clean white room.
I move my body as i breathe the air and that is the essence of my life.
To live and feel alive.

There is no such thing as high art politic.
I pick my own fruits of value and mix them together in a glass of elaboration.
Having rotten fruits is the worst conflict.
Originality sums it all up and is the very most important foundation.

Once my fruit cocktail is done i give it a taste very slowly.
Each of the fruits has its own unique taste surely.
Your tongue and heart have got the freedom to judge and to comprehend.
No time for you to pretend.

So raise your own glasses high in the air
As everyday people have one thing in common to share.
And feel the pride of your humanity.
In the name of pure equality.
1.3k · Aug 2011
The House Of The Dead Fairs
The Sycamore trees... They have their own stories... They have seen much... Heard much... Known much... Witnessed much...

The house was built in 1807 by Reuben McFerguson for his irish wife. McFerguson was a retired scottish  teacher who moved to Ireland to start a new life. They got married in 1805 in Edinburgh. Living a hard life in Edinburgh they decided to move to Kilkenny. There he built her a house which would later be known as The Sycamore. In 1809, three years after the sudden move, their baby boy was born. The only son they ever had. They named him Aindreas Crióstoir McFerguson (anglicized Andrew Christopher Ferguson). Andy grew into a quiet young man. Two weeks after his
21st birthday in 1830, his father died of lung cancer. Despite being so young, he had to take the responsibility for taking a good care of  the house and his mother. Andy was indeed a good looking young man. His being quiet was considered his *** appeal by many. Nobody knew or even had the slightest idea about his troubled soul.
One night he invited a young girl to dine with him. After his mother went to bed, he took the poor girl into the basement and then strangled her to death. He hid the body in one of the barrels of wine. The next two nights he invited two girls again. One girl each night. Killed them in the basement and hid the bodies in the barrels. He killed two more in the attic. His mother lived her days till she died, 7 years after the killings, never knowing about five bodies hidden in the house.
After his mother's death, Andy lived like a ghost. He barely slept and visited his parents' graves regularly three times a week. In 1839, At the age of 30, he married Rachel Moore, whom he met at church (When he met her, he'd been regularly going to church every week to become closer to God). They had two daughters, Marie and Johanna and a son, Jeremy. Each born in 1841,1843,and 1847. Due to The Great Famine, they rented out the house to be used as a temporary mortuary until the famine ended in 1850.
In 1852, being haunted by his crime, and the need (which kept coming back) to **** again, Andy ended his own life by hanging himself in the basement. His wife sold the house and moved to Belfast with her children.
In 1857, Mr.Lowell, the man who bought the house, decided to renovated it. His workers found the bodies of the five women. They also found Andy's old journal and then learnt of how the killings happened. Knowing that Andy's wife had nothing to do with the killings, they didn't bother asking her at all.
In 1884, Andy's son, Jeremy moved back to Kilkenny and bought the house back from Mr.Lowell's son. Another renovation and then (which was already known as 'The house of the dead fairs') 're-occupied', the house was once again owned by a descendant of its first owner.
Jeremy had five children. His oldest son, Matthew inherited the house.
In 1922, Jeremy passed away. Before he died he asked Matthew to take a really good care of the house. Though later Matthew sold the house to an english doctor, his son Reuben bought it back in 1938. Reuben's son, Patrick, from his second marriage, was born in 1950. Armand, another son was born in 1954. At the age of 19 Patrick converted to catholicsm and then became a pastor. Armand moved to Carrickfergus and married a girl he met there in 1980. Armand had three sons. In 1989, three days before christmas, Armand was killed by some unknown men who broke into his house. After his son's death, Reuben moved to his wife's hometown, Edinburgh. Blaming Armand's wife for Armand's death, Reuben never tried to make any kind of contact with her.
In 1990, Reuben and his son's widow reconciled.
He asked her to move back to Kilkenny. In 1994, Emma... Armand's widow.... My mother... Moved back to Kilkenny to occupy The Sycamore, The House..... and start a new life... And with Reuben's permission, she married his husband's cousin, Isaac Ferguson...
1.3k · Oct 2010
Come 'ere,boyo!
Said he 'shut yer gobs ye ****** boggers'
Keen on blatherin' ye spent yer days with yer tongue sharp as a dagger
O ter be 'onest ye be pattin yer boat.
Aul' ducks,yung ducks all makin' faults.

Cats eatin' bazz i say blather ye boyo
A man makin' money, no divils in county mayo
Yer gobs flippin' like hoors feckin ****
Smart fellas know ter kick yer barse

Me,a **** in carrickfergus jammy am i?
Come 'ere ye be told a secret ye culchie
A man pushin his **** tryin ter find his way
Be wide ye yung boyo lots o vultures on yer way
1.2k · Dec 2010
Under The Sycamore
She walked alone.
As the world droned.
With the fog swirling round.
Along the wet grassy mound.

Among the dead trees of autumn.
That flapped in the cold breeze as they hummed.
Distant lights of morning twinkled round her.
Slightly, unsteady, getting brighter.

She hastened away into the gloom of the dawn.
Upon God she wished to fawn.
To instill her hopes into the earth.
To regain her place of birth.

Thither, under a shading sycamore.
Lied a gloomy tomb of yore.
Staring back at her silently.
As if wishing to embrace her ardently.

Thither lied her silent love...
Corrupted through seasons that roved.
Left untouched in the dark.
Like a fading mark.

He used to be a handsome man.
Swaggering along his Father's land.
Smiling at the promise of the day.
Dancing his nights away.

She wist where she had seen him for the very first time.
When the church bell chimed.
When sons of God filled the cold emptiness.
To calm the world's restlessness.

She touched her love affectionately.
For the last time before she left reluctantly.
With tears her eyes dimmed.
She would always come back for him.

She and the tomb shared an old story only they wist.
Of feelings she could never resist.
Her longing for his presence.
Though only exsisted in silence.
1.2k · Nov 2010
Javanese Tea
Those greens come across my mind each time i think of you.

A humble cup of javanese tea...
Your face echoes in my heart with every sip i have. Your perfect silhouette when you were walking through the mist and then i found you there.
Your mystical dances and songs that bewitched my body and soul.

Let me have one more sip in your honour, Queen of Java.
One more sip to picture you perfectly in my mind,
To taste you in my soul eternally.

Before Gods who dwell on Mount Bromo
Before the rivers that flow into the ocean.
I give you my pledge.

Let me drink more of it...
Let me feel more of you...
1.1k · Aug 2011
Rock Of Fergus
Wine and cigarettes all i have in vain
But nothing comes close to ease my pain
Winter has frozen my pale fingers
As i walk and linger
My father's last words flew through my heart
As he touched my face and i cried to never part
The wood floor creaked as i walked
The walls shattered as i talked
He said the old house is alive
I knew it when it was so quiet at night
Whenever i said my flat prayers to Christ

I did not come back for melancholy of my boyhood friends
As memories have always been in the right places to suspend
Like cold brief kisses shared before goodbyes
Struggling for never ending happines to come by

Autumn came when i was still deep in slumber
Tucked up innocent in his warm chamber
Whenever i opened my eyes again he was there
Watching out the window, looking so fair

There were nights when the ferry docked
And those distinct shapes in the mist outside i could not make out
There he went away
Ferried over so far away
As i did to him likewise now
1.1k · Oct 2010
A Story of A Cup of Coffee
I was waiting

Life just kept on running
While i was waiting
But you never showed up
And very slowly i started to realize i was trapped

It kept getting heavier each time i breathed
Was it me making those eerie sounds i heard?
I was left in the endlessnes of time
You had said 'just forget the world for a while'

My coffee was getting cold
I whispered your name as i had been told
One of those days i had thought that i could have seen you again
But turned out i knew i was just insane

I put more sugar into my coffee and stirred it
Wondering if i would be able to ever drink more bitter coffee again without thinking of you
Then i left it on the table....
I was waiting for you....
1.1k · Dec 2010
The Perfect Getaway
Tonight i want to run away with you.
Away from this world beneath the stars.
Extracting blue from the sky we fly through.
Extracting red from Mars.

Across the universe, there is a hidden place we have not been.
Beneath the stars we have not seen.
That flutter round it like moths.
Radiant clouds they froth.

You and i feel the magic in the air.
As we merge with galaxies so fair.
Running into Heaven's secrets to pry.
It feels so good i want to cry.

Our cries shall be soothed.
Into our souls heavenly rain shall be smoothed.
Together we paint the sky with our story.
As in the radiant universe alone we glory.

You and me...
We cast our souls into heaven...
It feels so good i want to cry...
It feels so good...
So good...
I want to cry...
1.1k · Sep 2010
A Beautiful Murder
Let me feel your nakedness,my Lady...
Let me undress you with one single look.
The world out there promises you nothing but bitterness of life.
In my arms i'm holding a dagger of certainty and a rose as red as your sweet blood.
Your lips remind me of those rosebuds that bloomed eternally
Your *******,sacred and pure,i touch with such a lonely desire.
Your fear arouses my manhood charm
This night has no end.
Let us dance with the rhythm of my passion.
The smoothness of your skin i feel with my lips like a heavenly tune.
Your shivering body,my heart beating...
My hands around your waist...
Tighter,closer....bring and bind yourself to me.
My breath runs around your neck,with every kiss you walk closer to the path i'm giving you...
How smooth.... How passionate...
The sweetness of your tongue ,swaggering on my manhood like a golden glass of wine.
This night has no end,my love
Let me see....let me feel your blood drip down  my body...
Let me bathe in your exposed nakedness.
I will kiss the wounds i cut on your heart...
Kiss the pain away as this feeling i bear i can't help it
Your death would be so beautiful as the night grows darker...
Your stream of unconsciousness redeems my lonely soul...
Here on this path,i will lay your sweet  dead body....beneath the stars you can not see
Unto heaven and earth....
After i wrote this i couldn't help thinking of Jack The Ripper...
What did he think of when he was slaughtering his poor victims....
Did he mumble a song in his head? Didn't he have a special woman in his life?

Maybe this poem was supposed to be entitled 'Jack The Lonely Lover'
1.0k · Oct 2010
Ay Heart o' Pledge
Callin' all yer men, me heart, yer anger
E'er joy in wee darkest nights ye linger
Once yer heart broken, ye sought fer sorrow.
Deep in yer ol' man's den tae burrow

Alas! Me eyes nae tae look yer path
Sae fragile yet deep in wrath
Kind love before the moon we long fer
Weep i, hidden feelings we shared.

Yer love sweet yet cold i taste
Wantin' more ae far away hope ye chase
Kissin' pine-breath, sae true and fair
Nae willin', an ol' pledge tae sever

True path tae tak' tears ye kindly resist
Wee man o' this land, sigh i waitin'
Ne'er hope tae seek fer joy in life
Ye waitin o'er the ocean, ae storm sae rife

Waitin' i, ye will walk me way
Mild man ye tae tak' me heart sae
Longin' and lovin', good heart o deep
Fond ye still ae pledge i keep
One of the men who had built this country died today.
I had lamented his passing to give my sadness a way.
In black suits we all looked like those statues that had been standing there for centuries.
Poignantly i felt a lot of things all at the same time, so eerie.

Today, a son had his father properly buried.
A man who had told me that the right ties would attract  girls.
A man who had let me drive his Porsche 912 and made me feel like i wanted to preserve those moments i got my hands on the wheel as in victory i roared.
A man with his manhood pride had told me that 'a man always wants more'

I saw no dead body today.
I saw a man in his beautiful black satin tuxedo as if it had been only yesterday
And suddenly i felt like i was going back onto those happy summer days when i was a little boy.
And all of a sudden my heart was filled with unexplained joy

An elephant dies and leaves its tusks
A deer dies and leaves its antlers
A crocodile dies and leaves its skin
A man dies and leaves his name.
There was a little boy named Andy...
He was only nine years old when he died...
They buried him under a willow tree...
His father was so sad that he went insane...
One night he went to his son's grave...
Dug him out quickly...
And carried him home on his shoulder...

He then made him a dummy...
Turned him into a wooden dummy...
Painted a stiff smile on his dead face...
Put his play outfit on him...
Sat him in his favourite chair...
In the living room...
Put some music on...

He has gone home...
He has gone home...

He sang so loud that he got tired and fell asleep...
In his dream he saw his son dancing...
Bouncing around...
Singing out loud...

When he woke up his dummy son had disappeared...
He was not in sight...
He sought for him all night long but he could not find him...
He did not know...
While he was asleep deep in his agony...
Somebedy broke into his house and stole his dummy son...
Sold it to a russian ventriloquist for a few pennies...

He cried all night long...
He went back to his son's empty grave...
Crying...singing his sad song of loss and loneliness and agony...
When he went back home...
He found his dummy son sitting in his favourite chair...
With two bleeding hearts beating on his lap...
The hearts of the man who took him away....and the russian ventriloquist...

His father blurted out his happiness....
Held his son's cold wooden body tight....
Stroking his grinning dead face gently...
His son sat back still...
He stood still...
He was just a dummy...
Just a wooden dummy...
930 · Sep 2010
Hail, o pasture o' yers
'ere mo chrói,as red as fire
Yer lovers walkin down the road o' me lonely town...
With wheat yer fields sown

Drunk,i danced,sang the ol' song o' ancient rovers
Calling yer name like blatherin' sober
O brother me sweet ***,me ol' stout,nothin' reefin me like this longing fer ye
Drunk,i,slappers snoggin' me

Me boyo o' Cill Channaigh....
'up the yard' they told us,so ****** wrecked o' this life
Me mate ye,yonks ye been gone,
I still can see yer new basser o son....

On the greens walkin' ye gawkin' at the stars freely
Yer grand shoes stompin'  heavily
Mo cara,mo chrói,missin' ye like a ****** rover to his ol town
Yer green eyes,a pint o' stout,dancin' mateys,waitin for dawn.
911 · Sep 2010
Borracho de Amor
una rosa no es una rosa hasta que una mujer la recoje y la situa al
lado de su corazon
una canción no es una canción hasta que un amante la canta a la
tierra y al cielo
una mujer no es una mujer hasta que un hombre la encuentra y la
hace sentir digna de amor
tu eres la canción que resuena en mi corazón
tu eres el sonido que late en mi cuerpo cada día y noche
tu eres la luz que brilla dentro de mis más oscuros sueños
tu eres los colores de mi energia
tu eres el último capítulo de un libro que estaré leyendo antes de
tu eres el rostro que veo siempre que cierro mis ojos
tu eres mi sombra
cada vez que te vas te llevas la belleza de este mundo
tu caminas a través del pasillo de mi corazon y llenas los espacios
mi amor por ti es un perfume que derramo a tus pies
me convertí en un poema del cielo y de la tierra
que será leido y cantado por la eternidad
estoy borracho por tu amor
tu eres el viñedo de mi juventud
más bebo más siento
la belleza que me das es la que busco
Had we never gone home...
Had we never sung our songs...
Had we never loved to part...
Had we never cried so hard...

Here was i calling out for ye.
They could hear me from Malin to Dursley.
O me heart lost and blind.
Torn and misled through the years.

There in Kilkenny,by the water,
Kind as the hills yet cold as Moher's cliffs was me father.
'where are ye going o lonely rover...'
'had ye never been loved by yer lover...'

Sang he,a song of loss and loneliness...
'o yer eyes painted a thousand pictures of long journey,rolling hills,running streams,and rugged coastlines'
'o how i miss walking on that road down the hill to the sea'
'o ol' Erin,to ye i gave me heart a long time ago with tear'
903 · Nov 2010
The Cavity
It is there....
Can you not see it?
Since the day you were born...
It has always been there...
Ask it to yourself...
Think it to yourself...

Things only you know...
Places only you know...
Faces only you see...
Fears only you feel...

When you feel most alone

The cavity, the infinite uncertainty
The great possibility.
You see the world through a foggy window.
People walking around in the meadow.

When everything that matters in your life turns into thin air...
871 · Feb 2011
The Old Cemetery
When i was 7, we still lived in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland. There was this old cemetary that every kid in the neighbourhood was afraid of. Being terribly rebellious i spent much time playing hide and seek there with my brothers. I remember coming across an old aging gravestone with an angel standing next to it. I thought to myself 'i want two angels to guard me when i die'. And all of a sudden the fog came down covering my sight and for a moment i thought i had lost my brothers. It was the scariest moment of my life. Suddenly i felt a cold hand resting on my left shoulder. I turned around... To my surprise... There was my father, smiling at me vaguely. He found me.
'No boy your age should be wandering alone in a cemetary' he said.
I took his hand and kissed it gently, held him so tight. He bent down to kiss me back. Then we walked among the gravestones in silence, with the fog swirling round us like ghosts. I was holding his hand tight all the way back home. I was thinking, so was he. But i knew we knew what the other was thinking.

My father...
865 · Oct 2010
Patrick o' Carrickfergus
You were the only man i had always wanted to see
Walking down the road to the sea
Swaggering in your new jacket
Looking for fellas to bracket

In Carrickfergus they called you a robber
To me you were a handsome rover
Beautiful green eyes as the rolling hills
Your happy thoughts into me you had instilled

In Belfast you smuggled your hopes and fears
Slainté! You danced pints of beer away
Alas! They did not see your tears
You were on your own finding your way

My old friend, my sad handsome friend Patrick...
Alone you sang your weary songs and turned sick
I cried bitterly, nobody to lay you down
Summer,and you had no wheat to sow

Ah! You were so handsome and young
During summer days you smiled and cheered me up in my den
Calling out your name,i screamt at the top of my lungs.
You were would never answer again
864 · Oct 2010
We're running together side by side....

Right next to me the rain has clouded up your silhouette
I can barely see you
Your hair dancing in the wind
And suddenly i realize you're not there by my side anymore.
You cannot catch up with me.
I cannot see you....

.......I am running too fast that I CANNOT CATCH UP WITH YOU....
many's the time we realized we needed someone so much when it's already too late....
You were the only man i had always wanted to see
Walking down the road to the sea Swaggering in your new jacket
Looking for fellas to bracket

In Carrickfergus they called you a robber To me you were a handsome rover Beautiful green eyes as the rolling hills Your happy thoughts into me you had instilled

In Belfast you smuggled your hopes and fears
Slainté! You danced pints of beer away Alas! They did not see your tears
You were on your own finding your way

My old friend, my sad handsome friend Patrick...
Alone you sang your weary songs and turned sick
I cried bitterly, nobody to lay you down Summer,and you had no wheat to sow

Ah! You were so handsome and young During summer days you smiled and cheered me up in my den
Calling out your name,i screamt at the top of my lungs.
You were would never answer again
To the man who taught me to see the beauty of a willow tree by the water
815 · Nov 2010
The Right Viscosity
She stabbed me the right way.
As i was bleeding the light in my eyes started to fade away.
It was very slow and painful.
Such a deep agony and my face turned tearful.

She stabbed me right in the heart.
The most vulnerable of all parts.

My love as viscous as my blood...
The more viscous it is...
the more painful it feels...
Such a blood flood...
813 · Jan 2011
Roja Roja
Roja... Roja...

I watch her padding along The Sacred Ganges, so dreamy.
Looking all radiant in her red sari, satisfying my heart so weary.
For The Gods have embodied their most beautiful chant into you.
Like a bell that chimes in a distant soothing the night prayers so true.

Oh Roja....

You are the most sacred chant i have ever heard.
The most beautiful song i have ever sung.

For your heart is like a temple and i am a pilgrim in searching for peace and enlightment.
I am taking shelter from rain and sun in your enjoyment.

Roja... Roja...

I want to play my sitar and dance my songs away.
My songs would seep under your sari as i touch your skin in such a way.

My fingers would dance along the river of your shiny hair so deep.
Like a gentle summer breeze swirling through the leaves of a tree.

Roja... Roja...

My heart will dwell in your temple forever.
I will pour my songs at your feet and my journey i sever.
811 · Feb 2011
Carrickfergus (repost)
Across the water, away from here.
I had left my heart on the green.
Only sound of your shore i hear.
A glimpse of your waters i have seen.

In Belfast Old McCarthy sang his sad songs.
To lovers who had been waiting so long.
He walked on that long road down the hill to the sea.
He danced his songs away for us to see.

Carrickfergus, this longing i can not bear any longer.
In another town i sing like a lonely rover.
O ocean breeze fly me home i sing.
I miss to dance a fling.

My heart thumps like the sound of a bodhran.
Across the ocean my songs span this  flood of longing.
Before God and men alone i stand.
Serving you is my true calling.

I want to come home to see her.
Her hair radiant beneath the sun.
My love and songs i want to share.
Across the hills to her i will run.
One can miss one's hometown so badly
797 · Jan 2011
In Waterford
Here in waterford shall i linger.
Swaggering, touching the ancient walls with my fingers.
Listening to the sound of the marching folks.
Daydreaming as they walk.

These walls are old as time.
Aging and forgotten to the churches' bells that chime.
Passages i walk through, among the lines of years.
While my burdens i bear.

Waterford, your trees have so much to tell.
They stare at me where they dwell.
Your river flows ancient stories that evaporate through time.
Soothing me everytime.
795 · Aug 2011
Fionn and Morann
I walk my way down the hill
Boys of this town, once so alive and real
Long-expected, so fair and innocent
Walking the land with excitement

Hares and butterflies, nightmares and night skies
Their skins bare, hoping looks in their eyes

Night fell on their innocent banks
I cried as the moon sank
Where are my boys...
For i could not hear their loving voices

An empty room marked my longing
The cold autumn breeze caught my singing
My lullabies cold and frozen
For the path they had not chosen

Never grow up in my dreams
Just as the little stream
My boys swagger the day away
It is a long way
You were the only man i had always wanted to see
Walking down the road to the sea
Swaggering in your new jacket
Looking for fellas to bracket

In Carrickfergus they called you a robber
To me you were a handsome rover
Beautiful green eyes as the rolling hills
Your happy thoughts into me you had instilled

In Belfast you smuggled your hopes and fears
Slainté! You danced pints of beer away
Alas! They did not see your tears
You were on your own finding your way

My old friend, my sad handsome friend Patrick...
Alone you sang your weary songs and turned sick
I cried bitterly, nobody to lay you down
Summer,and you had no wheat to sow

Ah! You were so handsome and young
During summer days you smiled and cheered me up in my den
Calling out your name,i screamt at the top of my lungs.
You were would never answer again
790 · Oct 2010
God is a Divine Paradox
God please don't **** me before i find Your flaws...
Life nowadays is full of men who are either corrupt or unacquainted with any laws...
You created us all after Your own image but each time i look into the mirror i see a blood-thirsty devil.
I've seen too much blood shed and You stand still

God please no more empty reveries.
This world needs more recoveries
Religons are made for vultures
I see nothing but promises in my future

God we need no prophecies
Your divine presence is highest infinity
I am a soul-eater by Your Holy creeks
******,but i know my good greed

Endlessness in heaven is acceptable.
But mortality is the greatest gift here on earth as our days are getting more destructible.
You catch our every tear and capture our every prayer.
Before You we bow,with our innocent endearing.
Blinded by obedience and unstateable feelings.

They are not close to heaven...nor are we to Hell
The 'dark matter',our very hearts,under Your holy spell
God,Thou art one paradox before men and angels
Remain a mystery,an enigma,a divine angler
G.F.Ferguson/September 2010
781 · Jan 2011
I was in bed when you came in sight
You lay down and held me tight.
Kissed me as you carressed my hair gently.
And then you sang me goodnight heavenly.

And then you opened your eyes.
And suddenly you went wise.
You saw you had come home to the wrong one.
You got up fast and away i saw you run.

Apparently you realized it was not my turn that night.
I could not sleep though my eyes were closed tight.
775 · Dec 2010
The City Lights
here alone
on my rooftop.
Watching the city
lights before me....I
hold so tight the empty
air right next to me and i
embody your presence. With
the lights shining on me till morning breaks.
766 · Nov 2010
A Face In the Water
As i was walking closer to the river, the fog started to cover me. I hastened away and found myself standing by the water. And i saw it....

A face...
My own reflection in the water...
It looked weary, sad and afraid...
I thought to myself 'am i?'

Then i saw another face....
Another reflection appeared vaguely...

Your face...
Your reflection in the water...
Right next to mine...

I turned around and i saw nothing but the thick cold fog approaching....

You're nothing but a memory fading away...
Still i could not take my mind off you...

I looked back and the fog had covered my sight so perfectly that i could not even see my own reflection....
762 · Feb 2012
Call it a curse, whatever
It hurts me so good
I'm trapped between good and bad

Call it a romance, anything
Would it still be romantic if it takes lives?

Call it a love poem, maybe.
Why do i feel ***** reading it out loud?

Call it haunting, right.
Maybe it is indeed.
Why am i not afraid?

Call it erotica, oh yes.
Why haven't i hit the ****** yet?

You are so beautiful it's so painful to love you...
752 · Feb 2012
The Lovely Stream
Enjoyment and love by the water
We, blanketed in the sweet scent of sunset
As the world and daylight sever
Pouring our bare feet into grass of velvet

Vanilla skies reflected in the water
We stare deep like never
Benighted yet radiant and true
As the moon lights and seeps through you

Another kiss to another song
In every melody and pleasure
Ever so kind and fond
Like a precious treasure

We merge into a song
That i sing to your heart

''Come shine and light me
Like a twinkle in your eyes
As you stand on my bank before the starry water
Ever so fair ever mine''
This poem is dedicated to Lily Mae. I am you, you are me, we are one...
751 · Oct 2010
Crying Heather
There was a beautiful tree by the river.
We called it 'Crying Heather'
On summer days when the wind blew gently
Its branches made eerie sounds like crying

I had been told so many times
When the church bells chimed
This girl would always find her way to the river
She sat under the tree for hours,till night fell upon her.

Her lover had been lost at sea
And the world turned its back on her
She stared at the night sky singing to the wind
The river flowed her longing song away into the sea.

''Take me away into the sea where lovers are crying deep.
Through my veins their lonely songs would seep.
The cold deep water,so blue,i would float forever.
Waiting for my love,and  i would sever''

One cold foggy morning she disappeared
Another autumn day was coming near
They said she had drowned,taken away far far away to the sea.
Her song remained unheard. Her tears remain unseen
749 · Mar 2011
Susanna (repost)
I can not forget the very first time i set eyes on you.
My heart was in a whirl as you mov'd closer to me.
Enchant'd may i have been, yet modest and true.
If i, wanton and impolite as i be, should have a fancy for 'ee,
I could have for my own eyes caused such a great pleasure.
For you were such a fair sight to the modest eyes.
Nay one man's eyes missed 'ee as swaggered.
J'ining the crowds, proud o' yourself med 'ee have been.
I miss those fair days, ol' Marygreen, by the weather spoiled were we.
'Twas i to seek 'ee, my being heart-tender, hurt to hope.
I oughtn't to hope for God's grace as you whisper'd my name,
Yet 'twas only what had troubled me.

My dear Sue, thine anger upon me was wanton.
As swiftly raged at me, unto me being surpris'd.
I love thee, may not i unto God be made
a saint.
Had i determined my course of action.
I could have been tolerable unto thine eyes.
My heart to pledge as of yore, yet torn and misled upon your path.
Alas! Don't 'ee charm-veiled come to conquer my heart as to setting about planning another journey not to be done.
Before God, and angels, though cast into agony,
'twas me unto whom you came when dark.
My Sue.... My dearest Sue....
743 · Nov 2010
You and I
We're like the two sides of a penny....

So very close yet we will never see each other...
736 · Nov 2010
Lady In The Attic
Simply sitting in the attic we find love so true.
With the moonlight seeping through the window,
You set me free from the fear i was wrung through.
With such radiant beauty you're endowed.

The magic we create together defines our sacred oneness.
Such delicate yet powerful pureness.
Like music seeping through my veins.
Like a cure to ease my pain.

The world is snowed in but you are keeping me warm.
With your passion and endless charm.
Outside the storm is raging.
But you create a skylight of beauty herein.

Laying us down you subside my pain.
Forever my shelter from the rain.
My beacon through the darkest nights.
I am healed and discovered by your light,

My Lady In The Attic...
A long-expected poem for and dedicated to my dearest friend, Tracey. You're my 'Lady In The Attic'.......
732 · Oct 2010
How To Touch A Woman Right
There is one part of a woman that whenever a man touches it, she will sigh in ecstasy.
Every man loves to touch that one sensitive area...
Even play with it.....
They touch it, put their hands on it, and feel the warmth...

It is so soft and warm
You ****** your manhood into it and she will lead you into great sensations.
The deeper within her, the better it feels

You can only touch it if you're mature enough.
If you know how to make her ask for more.
If you're good with your hands and mouth.
Sometimes with your tongue.

Once you touch the right spot, her body will flop and **** around in deep intense ecstasy.......

Touch it.....
Gently and passionately if you want to win her....
Touch it..... touch it....

......her HEART..........
729 · Nov 2010
Brown Eyes
Glimpse, you are such a sight.
Shimmerring when loved.
Dark and gloom when despised.
Pure as heaven, radiant and bright.

Mesmerized, i am to rest my heart on yours.
Bewitched, my scent merges with yours.
Your eyes throw a spark as you touch me.
Heavenly passion i own to set me free.

Brown eyes, you shine as night grows darker.
Come shine your light on me.
This love so good yet severe.
Night-veiled i walk and feel the earth beneath me.
727 · Oct 2010
Snowed Under
I found a dead leaf in my bed today. Cold,half-frozen.
I thought to myself, the wind must have caught it and blew it in.
I walked across the room and closed the window to my surprise.
The sun wasn't ready yet to rise.

It was still dark and cold outside.
The morning rain had covered the world so wild.
Everything looked so dim with the fog hanging in the air so heavy.
I sighed, winter was coming and i wasn't ready.

Those dead blackening trees out there flipping restlessly reminded me of you.
You had been gone for days and i felt so blue.
I knew you would never come back
Those winter days, i kept looking for your tracks
Death is only a part of our short lives
724 · Dec 2010
Woman o' Cold Shore
Ye move swiftly as ye haste ter yer cold shore.
Ter stand before the ocean, waiting fer yer long-lost lover.

''How i miss yer sweet tender embrace when it is cold in the morning.
Such a radiant smile to brighten me days'' ye sing.

Yer hills answer in a thankful prayer.
Across the land ye walk alone like a rover.
O woman had yer lover stayed...
Had yer pledge been said...

Lonely and hurt as ye be.
Frozen dew and foggy hills ye see.
Waitin' ter never see him.
Watchin' those boats in a distant dim.

By yer river, before the dead blackening trees, alone ye linger.
Still yer hair radiant, though quiver.
Empty yer heart, cold yer face.
Across the shore i see yer every saddened pace.

I came ter catch yer every tear.
Pity will not hamper me, nor will me fear.
Woman green the hills far away.
Ye nay glad yet have much ter say.

Unto him far ye walked, longing ter his eyes ter look deep.
Ay sweet touch as it is, will seep.
Come behold his light o'er the ocean.
Soft ter touch yer heart, when the storm is mean.
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