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I walk my way down the hill
Boys of this town, once so alive and real
Long-expected, so fair and innocent
Walking the land with excitement

Hares and butterflies, nightmares and night skies
Their skins bare, hoping looks in their eyes

Night fell on their innocent banks
I cried as the moon sank
Where are my boys...
For i could not hear their loving voices

An empty room marked my longing
The cold autumn breeze caught my singing
My lullabies cold and frozen
For the path they had not chosen

Never grow up in my dreams
Just as the little stream
My boys swagger the day away
It is a long way
You were the only man i had always wanted to see
Walking down the road to the sea
Swaggering in your new jacket
Looking for fellas to bracket

In Carrickfergus they called you a robber
To me you were a handsome rover
Beautiful green eyes as the rolling hills
Your happy thoughts into me you had instilled

In Belfast you smuggled your hopes and fears
Slainté! You danced pints of beer away
Alas! They did not see your tears
You were on your own finding your way

My old friend, my sad handsome friend Patrick...
Alone you sang your weary songs and turned sick
I cried bitterly, nobody to lay you down
Summer,and you had no wheat to sow

Ah! You were so handsome and young
During summer days you smiled and cheered me up in my den
Calling out your name,i screamt at the top of my lungs.
You were would never answer again
You are my shadow...
I can only see you in the dark...
Run me to the ocean...
The only place i see the world in motion...
As the sky merges with the sea overcoming my emotion...

Run me to the ends of the earth...
Where life means nothing but a dearth...
Where death means nothing but a mirth...

Run me to His Holy Mountain...
I need to find The Fountain...
Of emotion, sense, and answers...
The night you were in me i felt so alive...
The next morning i woke up to find myself in a different world...

I saw like you...
I breathed like you...
Smelt like you...
Thought like you...
Smelt like you...

*I can still smell your scent on me...

I can not forget the very first time i set eyes on you.
My heart was in a whirl as you mov'd closer to me.
Enchant'd may i have been, yet modest and true.
If i, wanton and impolite as i be, should have a fancy for 'ee,
I could have for my own eyes caused such a great pleasure.
For you were such a fair sight to the modest eyes.
Nay one man's eyes missed 'ee as swaggered.
J'ining the crowds, proud o' yourself med 'ee have been.
I miss those fair days, ol' Marygreen, by the weather spoiled were we.
'Twas i to seek 'ee, my being heart-tender, hurt to hope.
I oughtn't to hope for God's grace as you whisper'd my name,
Yet 'twas only what had troubled me.

My dear Sue, thine anger upon me was wanton.
As swiftly raged at me, unto me being surpris'd.
I love thee, may not i unto God be made
a saint.
Had i determined my course of action.
I could have been tolerable unto thine eyes.
My heart to pledge as of yore, yet torn and misled upon your path.
Alas! Don't 'ee charm-veiled come to conquer my heart as to setting about planning another journey not to be done.
Before God, and angels, though cast into agony,
'twas me unto whom you came when dark.
My Sue.... My dearest Sue....
A rose is not a rose until a woman picks it and places it next to her heart....
A song is not a song until a lover sings it to the earth and heaven.
A woman is not a woman until a man
finds her and makes her worth-loving.

You're the song that echoes in my heart.
You're the sound that beats in my body every day and night.
You're the light that shines inside my darkest dreams.
You're the colours of my energy.
You're the last chapter of a book i will be reading before i die.
You're the face i see whenever i close my eyes.
You're my shadow...

Everytime you move you take the beauty of this world with you.
You walk through the hallway of my heart and fill the empty spaces.
My love for you is a perfume i pour at your feet.
Unto heaven and earth i am made a poem
Read and sung i will remain for good

i am love-drunk for you
You are the vineyard of my youth
More i drink,more i feel
How this beauty you gives out i seek
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