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Despite the right to spite the far away
Of only what I know is nothing as a word
Only what I know is everything as a meaning
******* **** in this early morn
******* love of that metal music

ENOUGH OF THIS (will make you crazy)
Heterosinea contractual echinacea of aviary actual sack attack
FLACK BOMbardment of horse willed ensnarement
Wiley wicker writhing in illness

Loose found youtube through fool rude nudes
Useful contraptions trap attraction for creative adoration and many more "things"
Wrote this kind of early.  Apologies for mistakes and bad poetry.
Precipice mountain fondled the fond of fondling fountain spouting love-crusssst.

I bob this bobble-headed dead-set-on-deafening those who will or would but cannot and could not stop my pupil-dark-mind-lark sent out and over that previously spoken-of precipice of a mountain so that, and, hereby, I fly continuously into space-spacey places of radiating-planetary-beauty yet you try with futility to reach me so you never will, I am above you.

I win.
I am better than they who berate me or have in past done so.
With nary a thought to pose or process
With scary, a way of thinking
I am someone, or the type who, tends to do certain things in a certain way
But what is it worth if it does not read well?
Or to call someone who sounds like yourself and the ensuing contrast of awkwardness
**** n' ****, luck or gettin' lucky in any way colloquial terms for coitus or *** in general, I've none which is not to say I've not in the past or won't in the future but right now there is no significant two-way companionship which I really do want for a variety of reasons to be.
To simply, with cliche, be.
No such comfort will exist in my life for longer than a comparably short while, it would seem.  Nope, no happiness for me, only discomfort, depression, and stress.
No such great is a thing as a two-person love and experience.
And I am alone, truly.
And I am alone, more truly than my peers or fellow poets or parents or family or any other being sharing a universal genus or scientific similarity.
You know nothing of insanity so stop spouting and spewing this beautiful word and defaming and relegating it to a common "lol" or emoticon or any other thing that is obviously below it.
Standard crusted creation of melting erasure dissolving dissipation and dead-eyed cuffing stuffs stuffing still with tough metal roughs of through-bred thoroughly fed fattened and read something a little like this - DISGUSTING MUSK-SCENTED RUSTING HORMONE RIDDEN DERISION OF A TEENAGE HUMAN ****.
Operated in an operation inside of an operation on a mechani-borg.
Even if needed, that I continue that is, I couldn't, my right earbud's busted.  ****.
Particulate disintegrate berate and inflate the absence of sense or packed, harden, racked, garden.
I see clearly when my eyes arise through the atmosphere's tears' arrangement of derangement of eminent containment in hell-house entertainment.
Luck, ****, and **** have in common, many things limited to their convalescence in my head for lack of a better working word.
I can't write right now.
Thursday crushes my gold
My gold flattens out, at first paper thin
First paper thin, then immediately invisible
Immediately invisible, but after, she has growth
She has growth that itself grows, in an exponential way
In an exponential way into infinite-small
Into the throughout and ethereal pig sty, combinahybrae
The pig sty tells me to charge green with second-degree maturation

Therefore my left eyebrow is heavenly and my right, flash-shoots by earthen core  into opposite space.
My eyelids reveal paper and these eyelids, still tight and rubbery, stretch over what some might call my infernal youth.

Technology fraught with rot

Let technology terrorize the terrible illogical ideologically daft and shallow whose facts are fallible and beyond logical rabble. And it does, to me, induce reality rattle.

True rhymes are for ******* who want stitches or who'd rather itch neath' ******, in pain, teeth which retain and spew the words of inane... times two.
NEEDLE!  Through the middle of a razor-edge!  Face in face out face sin face spout!  I cannot see through the masochism of honesty, corrupt the faucet and leak and drain into a towel of wet PAIN!  Holes rid themselves of fantastic-type dust! (And on the cusp of agony's grateful constitution hereby is a sitar scimitar). Unwilling to grow old into throats of bold and I am here today so what does it matter?  Cough n' clap n' clasp n' rappin' sapping my soul's voidy tounguester. Have I become throats?  Or abomination ropes?  Tungsten blow-hole deep neath the depths of water-disgust!  Rapture came along with whipping writhing throngs of toothpaste convolution tongs pulling out the wrongs and wrong doings of King Kong's rightful songs.  Randomize architecture so that a building can grow from blue dirt into the sky and spread at the top and cover the entire planet of the human-beings where there'll be forever-shade shading shaded, faded, blue.  Tuesday is a monkey banana bonanza bizarre bizarre scarring n' scaring little toothpick carrying caring creatures faring their merry way past curds and whey fields.  Acclimate to constipate and betroth-berate irritate-type tube tape.  Youthful castor plaster made from youngster disaster number: one.
It's all I felt like writing.
My thoughts are not
I am my thoughts
So I do not exist

My thoughts are all
I am my thoughts
So I am everything

My thought is an infinite line segment that is always extending into zero
I am the thought
Who am I
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