I revisited you in my dreams
And you killed me again
Both of you held huge rifles
I held the flag of mercy,
Waved it frantically
Flashing white and red from your
Red lips
Hungry lips from a
Gaping hole down down
Down into my eternal
Abyss, you hold the chain that I hang from,
Swing me around
Tied at the thigh, crushing my crotch
Touching my crotch
Long spindly fingers as the chain.

These fingers cannot work a sewing machine,
And so we met in class
That was all that happened, you made
Eye contact
Killed, shot me in the head,
If only I returned the favour
Only that your ghost would be ever more present,
Hovering above my bed
With a gun against my head.
When I think I'm with it I rarely am
Terrified of the consequence of sound
I myself am afraid of you
And I am afraid of myself
But still it hurts more
When alone
I hear my own blood flow
A lonely sound
But loud and abrasive
Continuous upside down
A boiling ***
Of contempt and ruin
Singles me out for selection
When you don't see me crawl
Down beneath the ground
Just know that I beg for affection.

Touch me but don't
Hurt me
I've been hurt so many times
So my skin resents me
Like a house on fire
I'll topple when you burn my beams.
Your life force joined with the rain
Smashing into smithereens
Hitting the ground onto what's left
Of the remnants of the earth

The surface is broken
When your soul prepares to wonder
With Christ on your wrist
And love above and around your bed

We're smothered insane
And we're not ready for you to go
But still the rain comes and goes
From the sky in which you ascend

Don't dream of me
Care for me here and love me gone
Remember my journey into pain
With this I'll never be far again.
I didn't realise how large your hearts was
Until you opened up the sky
Killed us
And let it rip open the clouds
And there you are
Of the three stars, the middle is you

Such a vast pool to get lost in
For your head to bounce along
There you can paddle in the sea
Worship magical beings

It's this night you said goodbye
A day of rest after a day of rapture
The sky spread
And opened your glorious portal
How high do planes fly
Well now you know you were out of your mind

You're not back here just yet
Don't worry about us because you're quite done
A celestial force intertwined
With our empty void
Spiralling into chaos

Leave a flicker in the air.
Walking about playing with my hair
I never noticed the beauty of the cold English air

Our lives settle around after dark
Upon the damp dark floor with not a care

I love the bleak barren trees
Like arms reaching out to calm us into
Into the arms of winter I go.

Autumn's an empty nest
A spiral of spindly survival
With lights gently pushing through

Candle-lit homes house grief stricken hearts
We see her all the time in our favourite winter spots

This walk where we picked our summer fruits
All shrivelled up as the disaster of life picks at our roots
We'll live and love to let you back in

Just a moment to bring you the cold English sea
In so many branches of love we weep.
Is it summer?
I fell asleep last night and dreamt it was.
Sitting here in the cold
It's not the winter wind
It's the breath of fresh air in the summer.

I can hear the birds
And the beautiful early mornings.
The harsh light turned in soft evenings
Blue blue sky fades away
This isn't a winter hue,
It's a summer blue.

Warm string tones
Fill my eyes with the dry air
That plane in the sky isn't going anywhere
It's staying here for the bright light
And the chilly English ocean
They'd rather roll in the sand
And do the things we had planned.

She is gone
And she was here
In the summer her memory still lives
In the winter we fell in fear
I want to plague the year
And stand with her over the edge of the pier
The water lapping at her feet
Finally dragged away, dancing
Trapped in winter.

Summer's come early
Can't you see the sun?
We grieve her now and grieve the feeling of loss later
Obviously her and us, we had too much fun.
Callum Foulds Nov 2018
My heart is sore
From yearning to love
It sinks so deep
tears rain down from above

A boy is all
A simple embrace
Which will ignite the fire
My heart is placed in a daze
My heart is placed in a daze

The aroma of coffee
The soft brush of a coat
The call that comes from my window
The bracing wind upon which I float

My chest is weak
From heaving nothing
It barely moves
My heart is weak from hoping
My heart is weak from hoping

Come well along
The rolling fog shrouds me
Left without a hand in the darkened field
Now my heart knows there is little time to breath.
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