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Freddy Young Nov 2016
I can't write poetry anymore.
There are no rhymes in my head.
No witty lyrics pop up
For me to use to compare your beauty to a flower
Or the moon.
Nothing that can be used to show how deep my love is for you.
Nothing to describe the way I feel when our skin touches and our breaths mingle.
It's all gone now.
And I feel like I'm letting you down.
Like the days in which I would woo you
Or sweep you off your feet with a romantic gesture are behind us.
Though I still try.
I know that you that I love you.
I know that I've told you that my life is better off with you in it.
But how can I prove it
Without the eloquence of my former mind?
You are my everything.
You are my love.
But I can't write poetry anymore.
So I hope that my eyes can show you everything my words no longer can.
Freddy Young Jun 2015
Your song
Is one I will never tire of
It is sweet
And beautiful
It lifts me above the clouds
And gives me life
Your song is undeniably you
All of your highs
And your lows
And everything in the middle
Your song is one of hope
And faithfulness
And love
Harmonizing with the world
And mine
Harmonizing with yours
Is all I want forever
Freddy Young Apr 2015
There are many Jones soda bottles
on our bookshelf
My love is a collector.
People in the sun
A Ferris Wheel
A note "I (heart) you"
Two dogs with their noses pressed to each other's
Each one has a feeling.
We used these bottles at our wedding
Unique little vases for flowers at every table.
It was definitely one of my favorite parts of that day
(Short of making my lifelong promise to her)
They used to be just nice to look at
for me
But each and every one of them
now hold a very dear place in my heart
As her collection became ours
We grew closer.
Just so,
as our collection grows
so does our love.
Though I'd say
if it were a race,
Our love would win.
  Apr 2015 Freddy Young
My Mom's plates
given to me weeks ago,
remain in the trunk of my car.
Rattling chains of Marley
at every bump and turn,
reminding me of dinners long ago
when we were still a family,
when those plates still mattered.
  Apr 2015 Freddy Young
I have become stone. I used to be soft, open, passionate. But somewhere I looked up to find I am made of tortoise shell, a million years old. I am full of emotions, they're just buried too deep to find- maybe I never had them in the first place or maybe they have just fossilized. I am a mother, without my child. I am not a daughter, though my mother is still alive (define alive). I am spiritual, but I have lost religion, Buddha, Jesus, and Allah are not contradictory to me. I am selfish, and self-serving, but I love - just in my own way - flawed.
Freddy Young Jan 2015
When she texts me
"I love you,"
I feel like not responding
Just so that I can see
Her picture and her message,
"I love you"
Anytime I look at my lock screen.
Freddy Young Jan 2015
When i was a child
they asked me
"What do you want to do when you grow up?
What will make you happy?"
and i said that i wanted to be an ambulance
i didn't know the difference.
and they laughed at me.

The question came again when i was 16
"What do you want to do when you grow up?
What will make you happy?"
It took me a while to answer this.
My heart said "veterinarian"
but my head said "they'll laugh again"
so i remained silent

18 years old
"What do you want to be when you grow up?
What will make you happy?"
Well, i have no ******* idea what i want to be
but moving out of the house will definitely make me happy
so young and full of potential
i just needed space to let it grow

"What are you studying for?
Will that job make you happy?"
i want to do so much
but i had no idea what i was good at
probably nothing

Forget the "job" or the "studying" studying question
let's get right down what's important
"What will make YOU happy?"
well that one is simple
It's her.
It can only be her.
Nobody else can make me feel as elated as when she's around.
She is the moon in the dark sky of my life lighting the way.
She is the magma in my core driving me to motion.
She is my best half.
She is my sunshine.
and now at 24,
She is my wife.
"What makes you happy?"
everything that is in my life makes me happy
starting with her.
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