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Fred McCarthy Dec 2010
I walk myself to the place i know.
Where your presence resides.
Where we made a thousand vows.
Beneath the stars we watched the world side by side.

As i step into the forest.
To where you will eternally rest.
The greens around makes me feel so out of place.
My heart beats so unsteady with every pace.

To the power of time i shall succumb.
My old body has gone completely weak and numb.
Before the world i stand alone to take my path.
Many years ago against your passing i have released my wrath.

I find your river...
I find your trees...
Gleaming like silver...
Soft as a see breeze...

For i am coming for you very soon.
Steady as the radiant moon.
Magical as the lullaby the trees croon.
Yet sweet as a promised boon.
Fred McCarthy Dec 2010
I heard the crack of your heart.
And that hurt me even worse.
I heard the sound of your teardrops as they touched the floor.
That would leave marks for good.

I saw the tears in your eyes fog your sight up.
And that drownt my heart completely.
I saw the pain you embraced.
And that covered my world so badly.

Come fly with me...
Away from here...
To my trance...
Where you could see the sun go down as the world fades away.
Where the trees of autumn by the river are gilded by radiant snow.

Come fly with me...
Fred McCarthy Dec 2010
This miracle...
I hold in my arms.
Tightly yet gently.

This miracle...
I hold close to my heart.

This miracle...
I would give everything up for.
I would spend my youth for.

This miracle...
Binds us close together.
Completes us for good.

This miracle...
The fruit of your womb...
Our beloved son...
Fred McCarthy Dec 2010
Tonight i look deep into your eyes.
And i can see through you.
I see your heart beating at the same speed my heart is.
I breathe your scent deep preserve the moment in my memory.

One hundred years from now, i will be seeing you again.
With no wrinkles and white hairs, nor any signs of aging.
You will still be as beautiful as you are now in my arms.
With your golden chesnut-coloured lipstick and your high heels.

And we will still be sharing the same sweet and strong passion.
As we lay us down on earth, with a blanket of blue sky and starry night covering us, protecting us from the cold.

One hundred years from now i will still enjoy kissing you in front of our house so everyone walking by can see us...
Like we always do now...

One hundred years from now...
I will always turn to you each time you reach out to hold me...
Fred McCarthy Dec 2010
There by your river i waited so patienly.
When the world was gilded with purple red light of the rising sun.
The trees covered me so perfectly.
There in my dwelling place i stood to run...

Away from the water...
That reflected your face each time i looked into it.
Away from the wind...
That whispered your name each time i sang.

On your shore i stood by the ocean.
Calling your name with passion.
Soft was the sky, gilding my soul with blue.
As i pledged you my prayers so true.
Fred McCarthy Nov 2010
I know the sun accents the colour of your hair.
I know the wind accents your scent so fair.

But you want to come home.
I wave you a kiss and the wind catches it and turns it into a thousand scents of day.

As far as the wind takes you...
Fred McCarthy Nov 2010
You look me in the eye.
What beautiful perfect brown eyes.
You put your hands on my face.
I put my hands on your waist.

You do not need to say a word.
Nor do i...

We're speaking a language only we know...
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