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Inflection changing her direction

Lovelorn by the disconnection
Objection to her lack of introspection
Violently caused an insurrection
Epidemic leaving a fatal infection

Years pass and  wrought by recollection
Obsolescence then a sudden resurrection
Unilateral het love is a reflection
I was channeling Bing Crosby's ghost
In a dark corner of a cold basement
Haunted by another
The ghost of Christmas Past
My gut was filled with grim circumstance
And carved roast beast
Snow started falling
Or was it a collection of tears?
Either way, it was the wrong night for a drive
So I walked to the point of frost bite
She sat in the window brushing her hair
It was at that moment I remembered
Her gift was in my backseat
Lucky for me
She was no Rosemary Clooney
More like a forty something Judy Garland
At best
Something in that surreptitious smile
Could it be
... only for me to see?
Like a whimsical cloud on a flutter bye
She hangs brightly on a winter's sky
Time standing still
A mannered thing
And a hand that points at me
Visions of landscapes within reach
Piercing eyes
With a mouth to teach
A well that's deep
Echoing the song
Only an Angel sings
The notes are carried upon fairies wings
To linger
Like the age old question
Do you believe
In love at first sight?
Introductions leading to seductions

Lustful liasions never follow instructions
Obstructions of justice with a hearts abduction
Volitions conditions and mass productions
Eventually turn into fables of  reconstruction

Yearning to feel the bodies conduction
Outcomes steming from deduction
Until the end result is reproduction
You no longer have love for me
This is a fact thats very plain to see
The only time that you come around
Is when you're scared or your chips are down
Whenever I express a need for you
Seems there's nothing that you're willing to do
So now that we both are fully aware
That I'm the fool and you don't care
This must be the end of days
Where we both go our separate ways
As much as I still love you so
Your love for me has ceased to grow
Now that I know that bitter truth
I'm stripped of all the dreams from my youth
In these times of trouble
Don't always expect a struggle
Just let your sail fill with air
Forsoon the coast will be clear
Attack the task at hand
Until you reach dry land
Now your trouble is far behind
So you can ease your worried mind
In keeping those fears at bay
You can enjoy this beautiful day
And rest your head instead
Until it's time to go to bed
You'll enjoy a good nights sleep
Without the need of counting sheep
For without all the second guessing's
You'll find your busy counting blessings
In the mirror I saw two
One of me and one of you
Foolheartedly my aim was true
Becoming one was deja vu
Having walked this road before
Knowing full well what was in store
Destiny knocking at the door
Or just another screaming *****
Roses fill the garden bower
Chinese Lanterns and the Clematis tower
A shady place where our love can flower
Or a graveyard filled with hearts devoured
The heavenly bliss of the enchanted first kiss
A moment in time, one to surely reminisce
You dip and you swell beyond the power of fists
For star-rossed lovers know the meaning of this
Or could this be real, the way that I feel
Emotions so strong I'm unable to conceal
Waiting impatiently for more to be revealed
With ring in hand before you I kneel
So why is true love so hard to find
In this for the duration a fact I've resigned
As uncomfortable as the ties that bind
Forever and always you're emblazoned on my mind
Mirror Mirror
My one and only
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