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In the mirror I saw two
One of me and one of you
Foolheartedly my aim was true
Becoming one was deja vu
Having walked this road before
Knowing full well what was in store
Destiny knocking at the door
Or just another screaming *****
Roses fill the garden bower
Chinese Lanterns and the Clematis tower
A shady place where our love can flower
Or a graveyard filled with hearts devoured
The heavenly bliss of the enchanted first kiss
A moment in time, one to surely reminisce
You dip and you swell beyond the power of fists
For star-rossed lovers know the meaning of this
Or could this be real, the way that I feel
Emotions so strong I'm unable to conceal
Waiting impatiently for more to be revealed
With ring in hand before you I kneel
So why is true love so hard to find
In this for the duration a fact I've resigned
As uncomfortable as the ties that bind
Forever and always you're emblazoned on my mind
Mirror Mirror
My one and only
Intriguing without having to say a word

Language spoken loud and clear
One movement at a time
Very subtle to total sublime
Each holds my undivided attention

Your body speaking volumes
Offering a pathway to your heart
Using capital letters
Inspiration has suddenly returned

Lost before the hemispheres burned
Oceans turned a deeper blue
Violet Skies lend a crimson hue
Each resemble the essence of you

Your style and your enduring Grace
Outshine the smile upon my face
Utopia I have come to know
Insanity it seems

Leaving the woman of my dreams
Omissions at the alter
Vehemently she screams
Echoing through the parlor

Yellow stains of long
On her wedding day
I've sown my seed in all but six

Left them for the pallbearer's to get their kicks
Oscillating wildly their wicks were lit
Visually aided for them to get their fix
Extemporaneously flicking their bics

Yet the six remaining were up in the mix
Our willing woman wanted forty licks
Until then there would be no turning tricks
Your cradle is my grave, you rock me to sleep
Nights spent alone and the secrets they keep
The heavens above are filled with angels that weep
From the lullaby you sing can be heard six feet deep
I chew my cheeks
As dragnets drag
Yin and ****** yang
The love of the never man

The air is thick with karma
Calling beneath the blockade floor
Should the world fail to fall apart
He desperately looks for the door

Of Dali’s car, his silent self
A war without a war within
Time has got nothing to do with it
She killed his past with her kiss

Like Orphee in some thunder world
Nothing lasts and **** to change
Sashed and shorn
Hallowed be her name

With her sunken eyes and her pretty looks
All the nights we’ll see them through
The seven veils of the mind
To the seven of cups, tethered to you

Through the zero hour we’ll walk
Oh let me love you in the morning light
Your away tonight as the art on the box cuts
Let go all the tears of your life

Till the sun bursts from your side
As we kiss the water kings hand
The passion of lovers is for death she said
To remind me of a perfect plan
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