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Gary Francione  on sentience.

He asserts that "all sentient beings, humans or nonhuman, have one right: the basic right not to be treated as the property of others."

hmmm interesting.
A newborn babe given to the ones who saved her from the fate of poverty and misery.
To portray the loving family of white middle class or at least the struggling to be that.
A girl of light and newness with almond eyes and darkened locks with fragile skin.
A kin to Italian plite
A kin to Irish blood
None of that to bathe in just a different type to be cast in
******* was among the living creed this family held fast the dying deed of :
no talking, no whisper, no whimper or scream.
Be quiet little inside the room of your friendly playthings and create the fantasies you will keep faith in.
Fantasies are nimble and sweet for a delicate mind to entertain inside
Door closed
Fights outside it...loud and booming!!
Mother and Father no longer a family
Plates are thrown and different things left strewn about.
Her shouts sure drown the frightened whispers
The lil girl told her playthings in the room fanciful with butterfly walls and trellises that lined the closet walls
It will all be over soon
Mother will succumb to her way of being numb
She will be nice again
The lil girl can come out and try to play with her brothers of 1/2 kin
They call her brat
The mother calls her muffin or muffet
The father calls her squirt
The land of fantasies run deep in this family
Pretending is a way of life
Demonize the morally upright
patronize the silent worker
Victimize the celibate lady
Moralize the perverted ogor
Chastise till the world is numb
Finger her till she comes
stay away from me
A shadow was cast upon the shoreline at the dawn's dusk
Twas a memory of myself from years past
A reminder of bitter years and hateful leers that I sneered to my fellow people
Through shadow lines was something else created inside a sheltered doom
Gazing upon the waters edge contemplating the nearest ledge to fall from
The straightened limbs protruding into air so thick became weighted from it's highest peek
A visitor upon the planet's flow in daylight turned to nighttime glow
Wishing a normal type of visage for ones lonely existence
Yet realizing the normal isn't always what it seems
yes Go is spelled wrong and visceration (evisceration)...hehe
Water producing from reddened eyes
Blood seeping from crevices that produce waste
Eyes bulge ...Fingertips painted....Colored faces
Moving inside walled fortresses of singular or multiple dwellers
Chopping the green earth one a week
Chopping up each other
Moving in metal baskets with wheels
Where do we go?
Legs not used for intentions.....nonstop creating inventions
Strident muscle covering rock hard bones waits for action while avoiding stones
Game of thieves catch a wandering eye waits for action and reasons to lie
Willowy young lady walking the path waits for answers but instead receives their wrath
Trying to outdo the one and all
Amassing fortunes and holding the ball
Waiting produces results unknown and time produces one who stands alone
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