kate 5d

what if i could've stopped him?

kate 5d

everything will be
maybe not
maybe not
but i promise you darling;
there will no longer be so much

sorry this is shitty oops .
kate 5d

i used a safety pin
to rip my skin apart
which is kinda ironic
for safety pins are
suppose to
hold things

kate 2d

11:11 appears on the clock
and i think of the times
we were scared to talk

kate Dec 1

right or wrong,
black or white,
up or down and
day or night.

pros and cons,
good and bad,
pleasing some,
others mad.

what is right and
what is wrong?
was it my choice
all along?

yes or no and
caged or free,
my future is
what i cant see.

kate Nov 30

boy: hi
girl: bye

the conversation ends there because he respects her boundaries

a short one :^)
kate Nov 30

i used to dream of happy things,
of smiles, joy and fun,
but now it seems that everything
that's good has come undone.

my dreams are now filled with terror,
as my nightmares take their place,
and it seems that all my happy things,
are gone without a trace.

im back!!!
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