they whispered
leave her

they said
she's no good

they yelled
you don't need her

you listened.

green eyes,
warm smile,
soft voice,

you pulled me in
like an ocean wave.
brown hair,
fair skin,
plain shirt,
my heart burned for you
like a wildfire.


"you overthink everything"
i get that a lot
i dont understand why i do
my mind thinks horrible things
my feelings are negative
towards everything
i want to think that everything will
be okay and that it is okay to not be okay but i cant help but think
i can't trust my mind
because i overthink every thing

it's finals week!!!! some1 kill me now. here's to less sleep and more stress.

I asked you for an explanation,

All you gave me was lies.

What has gotten into you?

I used to know you really well,

Where did all the fun go?

Those weekends spent causing trouble,

So all those years as friends weren't real.

I missed you when you left,

I thought you'd never return.

But when you did you left me with nothing,

I worry about you,

I doubt you do the same.

Do I mean nothing to you?

Because that's how I feel.

I hope you disappear...because I already have.


I grabbed you and asked you how I could make you happy
And you looked at me and told me you’d be happy if I was happy
And I tried so fucking hard to fix myself
But you were gone before I could even smile.

Today when I looked at you,
The twinkle in your eye wasn’t there anymore.
That cheeky grin had vanished.
The crinkles you have on the side of your face from laughing too much had disappeared.
You were there, but you weren’t.
You were there in your usual clothes,
With your usual hair and usual shoes
But you weren’t there.
Who knows where you went?
Maybe to a place where all the other broken smiles go.
Will you come back?
Will you regain that life that was once there?
Will you ever be you again?

So many questions,
So many answers,

So many secrets,
So many stories

But would you still listen
if I say
all the things I want
to tell you?

About all the pain
I've felt
and the only one
who can take them away

Is you.

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