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Fleo Mae Jul 2018
I don't understand
Every time I close my eyes
I think of you

I try to control what's happening
Despite me, not knowing what's going on
But here I am
Holding your hands

I never saw you and me
But why are you beside me
Every time I close my eyes
We are together

And once I open my eyes
I realize that my hands are cold
It was only a dream
To an acquintance that I kept on dreaming about.
Fleo Mae Jul 2018
Oh, pinangarap ko na lagi tayong magkasama
Pinangarap ko ang hawak ng iyong kamay
Aking sinta, kailan ko kaya maririnig
Ang matatamis **** salita

Kailan ko makikita ang napaka liwanag **** ngiti
Kailan ko madarama ang mahigpit **** yakap

Oh, aking sinta
Ang iyong pag Pikit
Ang iyong pag Ngiti
Ang iyong pag Tawa
Ang iyong pag Hinga
Ay isa sa mga bagay na hindi ko matangal sa aking isipan

Ako'y naghihintay na mayakap **** muli
Naghihintay na tumibok ang puso ko muli

Sinta, Asan ka na?
Sana dumating ka na
Bago ako mawala

Aking sinta, umuwi ka na.
I made this for a school project, nothing personal.
Fleo Mae Jun 2018
This might not be a poem or any sort
But I know this is something that I've made
Been Tweeting about certain things
But I can't fully tell what's inside

Thinking that people will see
And knowing what they will do about it
I've become afraid of sharing
I've become afraid of people

All my life
I never saw myself to become afraid of people
Oh, I was wrong
I've been afraid as long as I've lived

Everyday, I talk to myself
I say, "You can do it"
I say, "Don't be shy"
I say, I say, I say and so I do

I seemingly live like a normal person
Just like them, as they see
But they don't know that it took a hell out of me
To be out here with you
Fleo Mae Jun 2017
Laying here in the dark
I found myself in the same bed
As like the ones of those fourteen years ago
Not knowing I've been stuck in the same situation

Praying that I could start all over again
Not for myself but for you
And for the people who've been hurt, like you
Because of the same deadly habits, I poured havoc upon you

Every night I lift my eyes to see nothing but dark
Same with what I feel towards inside
Maybe worse because in my darkness lies demons
Who kept disturbing me for as long as I laid foot on this planet

Days become months, months became years
And I didn't notice I became the devil myself
I've become my own demon
And when it dawned on me, I kept on weeping

How? How?! I asked myself
How did I end up like this?
I don't want to be in this body any longer
It feels like my own flesh is killing me

Daily, felt like hell
Daily, I wanted to end my life
But there was something keeping me still
I couldn't understand what it is

Getting more confused as time pass by
Since the world inside me has been split into two
I no longer know what to believe
Is it really true or was it all a lie?

I opened the door
Where I was laying
And there was a bright light
That blinded my eyes

I couldn't move, I couldn't think
But one thing I know
There was wet cheeks upon my face
Upon yours, upon theirs, and upon Him

And from that moment
I stood and stared towards Him
And I saw, what I really was
Without Him, I couldn't love myself

I said thanks throughout the whole time
And as I move around the lighted area
I saw that I was free, I was free from fourteen years ago
Then I lived a thankful life, more of something lived very differently

— The End —