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Fleo Mae Jun 2017
Laying here in the dark
I found myself in the same bed
As like the ones of those fourteen years ago
Not knowing I've been stuck in the same situation

Praying that I could start all over again
Not for myself but for you
And for the people who've been hurt, like you
Because of the same deadly habits, I poured havoc upon you

Every night I lift my eyes to see nothing but dark
Same with what I feel towards inside
Maybe worse because in my darkness lies demons
Who kept disturbing me for as long as I laid foot on this planet

Days become months, months became years
And I didn't notice I became the devil myself
I've become my own demon
And when it dawned on me, I kept on weeping

How? How?! I asked myself
How did I end up like this?
I don't want to be in this body any longer
It feels like my own flesh is killing me

Daily, felt like hell
Daily, I wanted to end my life
But there was something keeping me still
I couldn't understand what it is

Getting more confused as time pass by
Since the world inside me has been split into two
I no longer know what to believe
Is it really true or was it all a lie?

I opened the door
Where I was laying
And there was a bright light
The shining blinded my eyes

I couldn't move, I couldn't think
But one thing I know
There is peace and blood
There was wet cheeks upon my face
Upon yours, upon theirs, and upon Him

And from that moment
I stood and stared towards Him
Seeing Him drenched with His blood
Overflowed towards me
And I saw, what I really was
Without Him, I am nothing

His blood killed every single infection in me
His blood cleanses and consecrates me
His blood transforms me
Made me new, brand new, alive — breathing

I am filled with insurmountable joy
And as I move around the bright room
Never in my life I’ve felt so at peace and in Love
I saw that I was free, I was free from fourteen years ago
Then I lived a life in awe

I thought the encounter was the end
I realized the battle will only end
On the hour of my death
I always ask in my prayer
To take me with You

— The End —