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May 2014 · 182
FireDream May 2014
Everything about you I love
Your voice
Your heart
Your soul
Your love
Your help
Your all I want
All I need
May 2014 · 283
My Love
FireDream May 2014
My Love,
I write this to you
and only you
Cause you mean so much to me

Moment with you
Was the best
And will always be

I write this to tell you
How much I love you
Even with the decision that we
both made
I still love you

I feel my heart pound harder and faster
Every time I think of you
Think of all the talks that we had
Just talking to you
was the best and will always be the best

I didn't have to be someone I'm not
When I was with you
I got to be me
Be the person I am and grew up to be
Be the person you grew to love
Jan 2014 · 456
The Raven
FireDream Jan 2014
Raven, raven devil
and darkness tonight
What shall you be doing
in your life?
Quoth the raven
I'm here to stay
for eternal life
never will you see your wife

There is a thin line between
words and wounds
Knowing you will
torment me since
she died
Never will I torment you
Of course not to you
I will never lie
Something I had made when I was a freshman in high school for English and we were reading "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe.
Jan 2014 · 281
The Warmth
FireDream Jan 2014
The fire
that burns
deep within
my heart
for you
will keep
the world
I do not own this, this is something that a guy i know wrote to me.
Jan 2014 · 1.4k
Third Wheel
FireDream Jan 2014
You have no idea
what its like
to be where I am at
To be left out
while you too
are all
lovey dovey
While I'm in
miles behind you
Jan 2014 · 219
With You
FireDream Jan 2014
When I'm with you
I feel like I'm somewhere else
And all I want to do is be
in your arms forever
and never
let go
of you
Jan 2014 · 830
FireDream Jan 2014
I wear a  mask
to cover up my face
that has tears running
down my face
I force a smile on my face
to show I'm alright
But deep down
my heart is aching
Dec 2013 · 315
Black Hole
FireDream Dec 2013
This whole I have inside of my chest
Keeps growing
And getting darker and darker
By the minute

I don’t know what to do with myself
All I feel is pain
And suffering
I feel alone

And you are gone
You took everything
And I’m reminded of him
A huge whole that is punched through my chest
The pain is my only reminder that he was were here with me
Dec 2013 · 279
Falling Apart
FireDream Dec 2013
I miss those talks we had
I miss sending you random pictures
I miss having alone time with you
but it just seems like you
don't care about me anymore
But what did I do wrong?
You hardly talk to me
and relationships aren't suppose to be like that
last time I checked
Just tell me what I did wrong
Dec 2013 · 302
Heart Broken
FireDream Dec 2013
Please don't break my heart
I've had it broken before
And I don't want it broken by you

I don't want to lose you
When you mean so much to me
Nov 2013 · 246
I'm Free
FireDream Nov 2013
I'm free of drama,
I'm free from him,
I'm free and I can be single

Party with my girlfriends
Chat with everyone
Not have to worry about
anyone but myself
Nov 2013 · 300
FireDream Nov 2013
The silence between us is killing me,
Inside I'm slowly dying,
Taking my last breathes I have left on this earth
Nov 2013 · 237
Convo 2
FireDream Nov 2013
Oh great we are on this again
I can't help it
He's all-
Yeah, yeah, yeah we know, he's all you think about
But it's true, I do
I love everything about him
I still do
After everything we've been through

You got to let go
How can I?
He's different then others,
Way different

If its real, he'll come back
to you
That's how you know its real,
that he loves you
Oct 2013 · 187
FireDream Oct 2013
Its done
He's gone

Every second
Every min
Every hour
Every day
Every week
I think of him

I think of his laugh
I think of his smile
I think of his lips on mine
I think of us together...
Like we were before
But it had to be done

He had to go
*The future you too could have had

Oct 2013 · 260
Thinking of You
FireDream Oct 2013
I think of you
I think of your lips on mine
I think of my head on your chest
I think of your laugh
I think of your warm arms around me

I think of what it would have been
like if I was with you instead of him
I think of you beside me
I think of you here instead of gone
I think of you when he kisses me
I think of being yours again......
Oct 2013 · 404
Forgetting Him
FireDream Oct 2013
They say I need to forget him

Forget his face
Forget his kiss
Forger his name
Forget the love that I once knew
Forget how close we once were
Forget how I memorized his walk
Forget how he used to talk

But how can I??
How can I forget him
I loved him....
I still do

But I remember he's with someone knew
I remember he had chosen her
I remember when I cried all night
I remember he's gone
I remember that he's probably
with her tonight in her arms
I remember he's gone......

From a picture that I have called "Forget Him"
Oct 2013 · 305
You Stayed
FireDream Oct 2013
You stayed when I hurt you
You stayed when I needed a shoulder
to cry on
You stayed when my life was upside down
You stayed when everyone of my
friends left me because of what I did....

Why did you.....?
You could have left me....
Could have been like everyone
else that left me
But you stayed

You stayed by my side...

You stayed.....

You stayed
Oct 2013 · 204
He's the One
FireDream Oct 2013
He's the one
He's the one for me
I just know it...
Oct 2013 · 195
The One
FireDream Oct 2013
My soul mate
is out there
and I've found him

The one that I'll love
The one that will put a
smile on my face everyday
The one that I'll love
The one that will love me back
the same way I love him
The one that will do anything for me
The one that will be there when
I need him
The one that will be with me til the end
Oct 2013 · 295
FireDream Oct 2013
My love
My heart
My world
My honey
My sweetie
My baby
My soul mate
My Teddy Bear
My J.
Sep 2013 · 195
Love Hurts
FireDream Sep 2013
The feeling you get when your rejected
is not something you want to feel
But in the end sometimes
we get told no

Here you think "I'm good for them."
"I can make them feel better then before."
But sometimes...its not like that

And yet here we are
Our hearts crushed to
a million pieces
And we are picking them up
Until its all back together

Though for some of us
We wear our hearts on your sleeves
And we get hurt
And we cry our hearts out
until it eases our pain

Or we hide ourselves and
We lose that experience of love
and we are blinded

But its something that has
to be done
Probably might not seem like a poem but I just need to post this
Sep 2013 · 587
My Soul Mate
FireDream Sep 2013
I've always thought if I've met my soul mate
"Is he this one?"
"Is his name....."
"Does he live far away?"
"Have I met him yet?"
But I wait for my prince to come
Sep 2013 · 1.4k
FireDream Sep 2013
What can I say about her?
She's gorgeous
Funny (looking just kidding)
Weird but I love her to death
And someone I'm glad I met <3
Sep 2013 · 167
My Time
FireDream Sep 2013
Its my time....

My time to change
My time to be a better person
My time to focus on things
that matter to me the most
My time to grow up
My time to not be a what I
was 10 minutes ago

**My time to change ME
Sep 2013 · 181
Letting Go
FireDream Sep 2013
I'm in a living hell
Seeing you in love with someone

And I know
I have to let you go
Even if you aren't time

It's my time......
My time to let you go
To stop loving you
more then it should be

Falling more in love with you
Then I thought I would have

No stop, we've been through this before
Be strong and move on

Yeah.... I guess I have to.....
If its love he'll come back to you

I have to deal with it...
Sep 2013 · 173
FireDream Sep 2013
Where to go
What to do
with my life
No signs
lead the way

So where do I go now?

Give me a sign
Lead me in the
direction you want
me to go

I am lost
I feel lost...

Maybe I am
Maybe I'm not....
But I feel like I am
Sep 2013 · 356
My Prayers
FireDream Sep 2013
Help me Lord,
Help me let go,
Ease my pain
and have me feel numbness
were I rather feel numbness than pain
Were numbness is cold and
Numbness is warmth to me
FireDream Sep 2013
One, you make me laugh
Two, you protect me
Three, you encourage me
Four, you support me
Five, you care about me
Six, you help me
Seven, you never give up on me
Eight, you are there for me
Nine, you make me feel comfortable
Ten, you're there when I need a shoulder to cry on
Eleven, you understand me more then I do
Twelve, you never judge me
Thirteen, love me just the way I am
Old poem I wrote
Sep 2013 · 411
FireDream Sep 2013
His laugh,
His sweet voice,
No, stop, don't do it
His beautiful smi-
STOP! He has a girlfriend!
Plus he's not like that, you should know that,
you've talked about it before

Just face the fact that he will never be...
Will never be yours.....
Sorry for the caps if you get offended, just trying to show the two sides
Sep 2013 · 364
Here comes...
FireDream Sep 2013
Here comes the pain that's in my heart,
Here comes the goodbye,
Here comes the silence I'll hear from you,
It never being the same as it was yesterday
I'm sorry it had to be this way, I wish it didn't
But in the end I had to decide,
Please forgive me

Here comes the love that is lost between us
Here comes the change
Here comes the tears that will fall down
I'm sorry it had to be this way, I wish it didn't
But in the end I had to decide,
Please forgive me

Here comes the last time I'll ever see your face
Here comes the sleepless nights
Here comes me wishing things would be the same
Please forgive me
This is something I wrote real quick and it from a song called "Here Comes Goodbye" from Rascal Flatts
Just something that came to me and also to a certain someone. I'm sorry R. I do not own the song.
Jul 2013 · 175
FireDream Jul 2013
Red hot liquid comes out of me
I cringe at the blade as it repeatedly
goes through me
I scream for help as the rain comes down,
Then he leaves me alone as it falls on us
I lay still on the ground and look up
Then close me eyes as I knew where
I was headed to next
And feel mt heart start to slow
Jul 2013 · 312
FireDream Jul 2013
I have a secret
It pounds and roars and screams
Inside of me, wanting to come out
But I ignore it
All I want to do is run away from it
All it does is haunt me for eternity

— The End —