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FireDream Dec 2013
This whole I have inside of my chest
Keeps growing
And getting darker and darker
By the minute

I don’t know what to do with myself
All I feel is pain
And suffering
I feel alone

And you are gone
You took everything
And I’m reminded of him
A huge whole that is punched through my chest
The pain is my only reminder that he was were here with me
FireDream Dec 2013
I miss those talks we had
I miss sending you random pictures
I miss having alone time with you
but it just seems like you
don't care about me anymore
But what did I do wrong?
You hardly talk to me
and relationships aren't suppose to be like that
last time I checked
Just tell me what I did wrong
FireDream Dec 2013
Please don't break my heart
I've had it broken before
And I don't want it broken by you

I don't want to lose you
When you mean so much to me
FireDream Nov 2013
I'm free of drama,
I'm free from him,
I'm free and I can be single

Party with my girlfriends
Chat with everyone
Not have to worry about
anyone but myself
FireDream Nov 2013
The silence between us is killing me,
Inside I'm slowly dying,
Taking my last breathes I have left on this earth
FireDream Nov 2013
Oh great we are on this again
I can't help it
He's all-
Yeah, yeah, yeah we know, he's all you think about
But it's true, I do
I love everything about him
I still do
After everything we've been through

You got to let go
How can I?
He's different then others,
Way different

If its real, he'll come back
to you
That's how you know its real,
that he loves you
FireDream Oct 2013
Its done
He's gone

Every second
Every min
Every hour
Every day
Every week
I think of him

I think of his laugh
I think of his smile
I think of his lips on mine
I think of us together...
Like we were before
But it had to be done

He had to go
*The future you too could have had

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