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mira Oct 2020
at first invisible
a sudden gleam, revealed in spring:
grain of sugar in the snow
you nourish me when all else melts.
mira Sep 2020
my eyes are getting old
i've noticed
and memory too.
i never used to turn on the light when i sat down to play
i don't even need to watch my fingers,
i just need clarity, and an embrace
something to pull my wrist so i can leave it all behind.
i thought this was youth
was i straining my eyes all this time?
mira Sep 2020
would it bring me any joy
to touch a body with no warmth?
no -
the heat is love, patience, being known.
mira Aug 2020
you are the white water that softens our skin
or the thick fire that clears the prairie,
always revealing life.
mira Jul 2020
no child is spared from your gaze
watch me reel and roast
soaking in brine,
save me from the ocean or a shark -
i won’t look you in the eye, only a glance
only a furtive glance
i’ve seen you all before
father? lover? god?
mira May 2020
you led me outside, let my nightdress fall into the sand
put my hands on your shoulders
i saw your secret fear while you watched the white shadows
dancing gently on my skin
translucent, like you -
where were we?
can you take me back?
nightswimming in a future dream...
mira Apr 2020
quelle rêve, pour toi, j’espère:
me voir
      ma visage serene
              la centre de ton univers
tu me touches dans mes cauchemars mais quand je me lève je suis contente
il y a quelque chose de romantique dans la pluie
      elle travers ma fenêtre,
       et tu me chuchotes des mots sublimes
« t’es ma petite fleur...incroyable. »
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