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Feather Nicole Nov 2014
To know the comfort of our love is knowing and believing in all that is good. Through time and distance, sacrifice and pleasure, one thing remains constant.
The promise of our future.
Each day, you're the light that guides my soul to a better life.
At night I dream of your sweet touch, as I watch the stars kiss the sky.
Just as I can't feel the light of the moon,
I am witness to it. And it remains.
As does our love.
No miles or dials on the clock can come between
The purest love.
Feather Nicole Nov 2014
Beauty is a creation of your soul.
A reaction of your lenses.
It is divine.
And one is inclined to explore it.
Always wanting more of it
Never bored of it.
It inspires us.
It's elegance takes hold and never lets go. It is far deeper than appearance,
It's forgiveness.
Appreciation and warmth.
Light that can never be doused.
It's all around you.
So complex, most will never comprehend the intensity of it.
But we feel it.
In nature, in ourselves, and in those we love.
Beauty is you.
Feather Nicole Nov 2014
We are natural born adventurers.
Born to explore, born to live, made to create, and bound to make mistakes.
Our journey is the destination.
Through procreation and the abomination of desolation,
You are the question and the answer.
But you're not always right.
We fight and we cry, we live,
but never die.
You are human and we are aliens. Foreign yet familiar.
This land so useful, yet so complex and divine.
Cherish and achieve understanding of this life, and yourself.
Forever explore the depths of creation.
Feather Nicole Mar 2014
It's never too late
Many more experiences await
This life is great
Dont wait, jump in
We're all friends
What more could you ask for?
The sky, or even more?
It's yours.
It's only there because you see it
Be it
Be the earth
Breathe the sky
Be the light
See the light
Dont fight it, or hide it
Jump inside it.
Feather Nicole Mar 2014
I wont change my dream for a dime, i wont change my mind for time, this life is mine.
And ours.
And this earth is hers, forever aloof, forever anew, but always still.
The chill of the unknown.
The breeze from below. From above. To above to the stars this world is ours.
Or is it not? Have we forgot?
I am, and you are, and we be.
To the sea and in the trees, forever we be
In this world, of this world, of this concept we call life.
To be ended by the knife.
Or has it begun?
Have we won?
Only time can tell. Only once told to be told.
For i will hold you in my arms
Till there is no more harm.
Armed with only words,
Only fragments of thought to be forgot,
I will hold you till we are not.

— The End —