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fahminabesh May 2018
This time i can't hold you back anymore. i'm sorry, but it's just chaos here,chaos and darknes. My tears escaped my eyes
And I knew in my heart you were gone. Gone  just gone far away.
fahminabesh May 2018
Little less brighter is the light
Little less wet is the rain
Little less waving is the wind
Little less are the wants in heart
The time has stopped for you
like it has stopped for you
Why my breathes as well are little like wet
The closeness has happened with the distance
What kinda thing is this, every morning is night now
The flowers are not fragrant anymore, they're silent
Like they're angry/disagree with you
The fragrance has gone away , just like you did
#heartbreak     #deadsoul      #darkenedout
fahminabesh May 2018
never ask me
where the heart exists,
i can't answer you,
but i can assure you
only you live there

never ask me
how much i can love you
i cant't explain
but i can assure you
i want to come here thousand times
just to see your smile and eyes

— The End —