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We are just patterns, repeating and cyclic
Fate, you may call it, the laws of physics
And just as stars are born to die
The universe's plans trap you and I

Atoms are spheres orbiting spheres
Like solar systems; consistency appears
They have no choice in their reactions
Seeking equilibrium, an abstract attraction

Protecting its uniqueness aggressively
Life experiences itself subjectively
But other than that, we are all the same
In the illusion of choice, we don't pave our way

Life can't choose its nature or nurture
It's connected in this universal fervor
We're bound to the force of everything
And are ignorant to what reality brings
The sun breaks through the ocean
Breathtaking birth in one sweeping motion
The gentle force of mother earth
Teaches and tones, in a bath of foam
Pulling kicking legs beneath sparkling surf

While clouds on the horizon ring a ****** sky
And energy illuminates the air
The sun swings high, heat magnified
I find it easy not to worry or care

To run alongside playful waves I'm inclined
Angled shadows leave details hyper-defined
Every minute, the earth is recolored by light
From the low-hanging fruit to be shared by mankind

The ocean water washes away sin
And the glowing sunset heals me within
Nature takes away society's facades
And gives what we need, untainted by greed
Making us children of the earth feel like gods
A wanderer, I explore grasses high as my knees
Far away, grey foam breaks from the stiff seabreeze
To my left, a stark mountain frames the sky
My tireless bare feet follow memories nearby

As I inhale familiarity, my heartbeat slows
And earthy remembrance kneads through my toes
I'm not scared as blossoming storm clouds appear
For I remember what happened when I was actually here

Nostalgic breaths of wind soon whip at my face
Surrounded by vastness, this awe I embrace
To a place lost in time, I'm fervently drawn
Funny how you can only miss something when it's gone

— The End —