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There sunk into the soul of the oppressed
did my smart girl
reach out of hysteria,
lean on the bench, in the park,
and tell me
"It's about time you did something for me."

She continued,
"How drunk are you?"

I replied,
"Just enough my dear...
to keep my wit about me and
sacrifice living without thee."

I smiled and they took me away.
I knew I would never see her sweet
soul again.

No longer would I ever have a friend.

Wow, what an end?
seduces the flask
of ***
with the violin
than Debussy
with the piano.
What's the point
when a beer cap is shaped
like the mountains and valleys
of a heart beat?
I'm probably too drunk to write
so I won't sit and fight
nothing happened today
that would give me something
to write anyway.
My girlfriend loves me
and I have that to look forward to
and when I wake up tomorrow
I'll go to her sister's game
and cheer from the bleachers
like some maniac
scaring away pain
But what is the pain?
Was it trauma from childhood?
Was I born with it?
Whiskey stopped the thinking
let the drinking take its course
and mend my heart
full of discourse.
The tik and tok of your life
cannot be described,
full of nothing
except hope
for something new,
waiting for you
to make life what you
yet only a dream
comes true
when you think.
The world spins around
the few
really it's
As the waves crash
when the sword makes a ****
we peer into the abyss
understanding what was always amiss
action, intention, and submission,
were lies to our mission.
  Sep 2014 Everett V Minshall
I awoke
at the crack
of dawn

to a blood red sun
-a bullet hole
in a faded work shirt

with a creak in my bones
a quick kiss and a groan

I thanked her
and slipped out
the back door

before her old man
came home.

r ~ 8/30/14
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