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There were two boys, one man, and a balloon
And one dog, all yellow and purple at this time of day
And somehow the field cut green and low
Made the air feel even stiller when no breeze
Came down from the mountain
For a while they sat there looking, maybe west or north
It didn’t seem to matter much; The colors played
Over their repose and they look painted on that field
And I wondered if from the road I was no further
Than they were close to one another
Because you knew these five, laid under the summer sunset
So still you felt the windless air hold back
Would be there long after you had left
Would maybe wander for a blade of grass
Captured all alone in a painting
Have the trees all fallen?
In my absence,
Did the lights turn out in Santa Fe?
I’m walking in a shadow,
Cast by who knows what because
The skyline’s bare
Now the leaves are gone,
And in their wake the branches
Lie gutted on the pavement
Stripped to shiny bones
That smile and smile,
The call to arms blares out
So sickly sweet
A mind rang out across the room
That blazed so hot we’ll never know
And in one blazing human breath
They breathed their last
to think they were children
they were just children
I feel a great and quiet darkness
Has snuffed out those sparks
That could have ignited the world
And so I wonder
How many million seconds, meant to be,
Now never will?
Do good men die so other men
Might learn, or worse still, win?
Will those sparks
Snuffed out in Santa Fe
Ignite this world of apathy
To shame?
I ask again,
Have the trees all fallen
Down in Santa Fe?
With the words that I speak
I conjure the joys of our youth— now past
Immortal on the condition of our delayed mortality
Emblazoned in the collective memory of our twin souls—
As my sight goes soft at the edges, tinged gold
Reality makes way— we advance into the void:
A cabin of logs, on a lilypad of golden light
Floats in the sea of the Ancestors, their august trunks
Shed snowdowned twigs for the Hearth—
Stones picked from the hillside, stacked high—
The fire is gentle, we warm our hands
And the light of the Ancestors spreads, makes shadows
On the walls, dispels the night’s cold darkness
There is warmth, and us, and home
Il m’arrive de m’interroger
Sur qui cacha sous les marées de tes yeux
Quand nous tombâmes dans une poche de temps
En pratiquant l’intimité qui nous gardâmes un moment
Quand nous parlâmes avec politesse
Est-ce qu'ils me regardèrent depuis un endroit n’importe ou
Ou c’est possible que ton sourire à fossettes
Deux pouces de la mienne - pressas en silence pour plus
Tu sais, c'est drôle comme je te vis et je gardai mes distances
Me disant que tu sois occupé, et il ne fut que rien,
Ensuite, vous avez glissé dans la nuit
Et je ne t'ai pas vu depuis
Puis, en regardant la pluie à travers le verre,
Je te souvins, et je fis un voeu que nous
Nous retrouvions ensemble sur un coup de tête
et nous nous mettions en place comme si de rien n'était
Mais si c'est fini
Il me donne de la joie comment nous passâmes notre temps
Parce qu'il était incroyable
Pour être si proche de toi

Sometimes I wonder
What was behind your pools of eyes
When we two fell into a pocket of time
And practiced mutual closeness for a while—
When we made polite conversation
Did they look into me from a place so far
Or did your dimpled smile—
Two inches from mine— press silently for more
You know, it’s funny how I saw you and I stayed away—
Telling myself you were busy, and it was nothing,
Then you slipped into the evening
And I haven’t seen you since—
Then, watching rain through glass,
I remembered, and I wished upon the stars
That we’d find ourselves together on a whim
and we’d fall back into time like it was nothing
But if that’s ended
I’m happy how our time was spent
Because, my god, it really was amazing
To be that close to you
There is a path through the trees
Where the stream tumbles into the lake
The sound of water mingles with the trees
And the water mingles with reflections of trees
I walk alone under the pale winter sun
I alone walk under the pale winter sun
I am a traveler
The wind sweeps leaves into the lake
The trees sway gently in the wind
I am a traveler
The path is familiar but I have not known it before
The wind makes ripples on the lake
I am a traveler
I am wandering in a place familiar that I never knew
The trees are still swaying
Man made an arch out of the earth
Brick by brick, it rose to the level of the trees
This is where the old house stood
Even though everyone is gone, and the house is gone
I must make sure everyone knows, here goes
The arch is crumbling into earth again
The arch is crumbling back to earth again
I am a traveler
Breathe in, eyes closed
The path stops short up ahead
A pale white film is covering the sun
The trees shine softly because it’s winter
And the world is new

— The End —