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Eugene Solomon Jul 2011
You are truly a rose
So gentle and charming,
That I can not forget,
The definition of a rose,
Since flowers are the presentation,
Of beauty which is you,
The only flower,
I have known that I will always cherish,
Not as an object,
But as a true treasure,
Which is to be kept,
In love with feelings,
Which never do fade.
Eugene Solomon Jul 2011
Everywhere I look I find
Kindness of the richest kind,
Little pleasures thoughtout each day,
Host tomorrow's thoughts today.

How very special I must be
That I should be worry-free,
In each poem and book I write,
I find words, both day and night.
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Eugene Solomon Jul 2011
" A poet doesn't invent;
he is a liar who speaks
the truth and listens.

Un poete n'invente pas,
il est un menteur qui dit
la verite et a l'ecoute ."
Eugene Solomon Jul 2011
I dream my poems and then
I write my dreams.

Dreams are those visions that
poets place into words.
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Eugene Solomon Jul 2011
" It is only in our works
that we feel important.
Ce n'est que dans nos travaux
que nous sentir important ."
Eugene Solomon Jun 2011
With a silver lining that leads
Towards life's sunset each day,
Let me do my work well today.

So I will not trade one day of life
For all the years that lie ahead,
Keep my thoughts full speed ahead.

For through the years I've known
Of human love and human touch,
I would not trade for not much.

May life's trials and happiness
Let my spirit continue in someway,
To bring smiles to all I touch today.
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— The End —